Are you looking for a special, personal gift? At, we process every order with the highest quality standards and guarantee your satisfaction! The choice of materials used is based on years of experience in portrait drawing. We use a variety of different strengths and make the portrait drawings exclusively on high-quality drawing paper. Have your favorite Bild zeichnen lassen as a portrait!

Immerse yourself in the world of hyper-realistic drawings by In our gallery, we have put together a selection of drawings of impressive works of art.

The drawings of photos are handcrafted with pencil, graphite, or as a digital drawing and that with an unmistakable passion for the real craft. Discover not only perfectly shaped photo-realistic drawings in our composition, but also experience how the pictures are created step by step. Feel the artist's dedication to the hyperrealistic drawings in every pencil stroke and enjoy the perfection of a real - because your high standards are our benchmark.

Only with your photo is a truly unique piece created. Our talented artists work with a large portion of professionalism, passion, and love for the small details on all kinds of ideal images, as you will see in the individual galleries:

1. Family drawing
2. Single drawing
3. Animal drawing
4. Partners drawing
5. Object drawing

We at transform your partner's favorite picture into a real portrait masterpiece, capture the unforgettable moment of your wedding in a unique photo-realistic drawing, put every little detail of your animal in the limelight and keep your passion for cars, sports, and the like in a hyper-realistic one Drawing firmly.

Every painting in our gallery is a memorable piece of art from real commissions. We were able to capture the moments of the creation of our artists from developing countries to show you how a real is created. Here, where value is still placed on real quality work in traditional craftsmanship, your very personal work of art is created apart from image processing and Co.

Be inspired by the paintings! A will have a unique effect in your rooms and as a personalized gift is a great way to bring real joy to a loved one.

At the same time, by choosing a photo-realistic drawing by, you are supporting an artist's family who can lead a good life with it. We want that "art connects" and makes a real difference - to put a smile on your face and to support people in their artistic existence.

Have a portrait drawn from a photo - As a portrait draftsman, our quality standards are particularly high for every portrait drawing. This means that we do the commissioned painting with high-quality materials and each work of art is remarkably similar to the original. Having a portrait drawn is the perfect gift and above all personal.

Through our experience, the ability to draw a portrait has grown with every stroke - until today. Whether animal portraits, pencil drawings, charcoal drawings (drawing with charcoal), drawing eyes, oil paintings, face drawings, drawings of all kinds, and more, we promise something very special when you have a portrait drawn: Your favorite photo will be immortalized as a work of art forever.

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At Designaffe you can have your photo / picture drawn . Whether as a caricature, portrait / profile picture, comic or something completely different. We draw individuals, couples and groups in all imaginable drawing styles.