Have Trouble Dealing With Your Wife's Sexual Past: How To Let Go Of Your Spouse's Past - Dealing With A Sexual Past In A Marriage

Are you having trouble dealing with your wife's sexual past, and now it's really starting to affect your marriage in a negative way?

Believe me, you're certainly not alone in this, and I had trouble with this myself in fact, but there are things that you can do to help you get through these feelings.

The marriage advice in this article will help you potentially save the marriage from anymore damage than this has already caused...

Why You're Having Trouble With Your Wife's Sexual Past...

One of the most difficult things for a man to overcome is the thoughts of his wife being sexual with someone else, even if it was way back in the past. It's just one of those things that we as men don't take too kindly too.

It's basically in our genes to be this way. We're wired to be territorial and well...having sex with our wives is the ultimate treading on our territory I guess you could say.

But it doesn't have to ruin our marriage and there are ways that we can deal with it where it won't necessarily damage our marriage.

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The Biggest Mistake that Most Men Make (Including Me) That You Shouldn't...

So today's your lucky day because you get to learn from my mistake(s). You see I was a giant pain in my wife's butt when it came to this problem. I would constantly make comments and harp on the fact that she had been with other people in the past, and constantly made the mistake of asking way to many questions than I really wanted the answers to.

Don't do that. I understand that you have this burning desire telling you that you NEED to know. But you really don't. You know the saying, what they don't know won't hurt them...well this is the case. What you don't know can't hurt you.

You see it doesn't really matter in the grand scheme of things, and one thing that you need to learn now about marriage and about life in general is that no matter what, you can't change the past...and you certainly can't change your wife's past.

Not only that...but the last thing that you want to do is make your wife feel terrible about experiences that she had in life. Those are her own deep personal experiences that she may have thoroughly enjoyed, and deserves to have been able to enjoy them.

It's hard I know if you're someone who's bothered by these things. Frankly some guys aren't. Some guys don't care...and those people don't understand why it bothers you so much, but when it does it really does.

The best marriage advice I could give you right now for the short term is that you need to enjoy your wife for the person that she is today. You need to respect and admire her for all of those great traits that you focused on before you knew anything about her past, no matter what the past was.

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You've fallen out of love with your wife. It's not something that happened intentionally. Yet here you find yourself, feeling emotionally disconnected from her and wondering if there's anything at all you can do to change things. You don't want a divorce, yet at the same time you can't imagine living in a relationship in which you don't feel any adoration or affection for your partner. It certainly doesn't have to be this way at all. You can change your marriage starting today so that you feel not only closer to your wife, but more deeply in love with her than you ever imagined was possible. Understanding how to fall back in love with your spouse can change your future forever.

Understanding how to love your wife again has a lot to do with changing your own expectations in the relationship. One reason that many men feel as though they've fallen out of love is their wife gets so caught up in everything she is required to do that her attention becomes split. If you don't feel as though you're still the most important person in her life, you may start to withdraw from her. Resentment can quickly overpower everything else you are feeling in a situation like this. Before you know it, you're finding yourself feeling only a fraction of what you felt the day you two married.

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Be realistic about your role as a husband in the marriage. Have you given your wife all the support that she's needed? Have you continued, throughout the relationship, to make her feel valued and appreciated? If you haven't that certainly will have contributed to what she's been feeling.

Begin anew today by looking at your wife through a new set of eyes. Instead of focusing on what you don't find appealing about her, look at what you do find irresistible. Think back to the qualities that drew you to her initially. Whenever you feel a negative thought creeping in, consciously make a decision to not allow your mind to wander there. Instead, think about something about her that you truly love.

It takes time and a great deal of effort to fall back in love with your wife, but it's certainly possible. As long as you have a determined attitude and you can learn to shift your mindset from that of critical partner to loving husband, you'll find yourself feeling closer and closer to her.

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Are you in a marriage where things have gotten a little wacky, and your wife has changed and isn't showing affection anymore like she used to?

If so don't panic. Though this could mean many things it doesn't necessarily mean that it's not something that can be fixed.

This article will show you what to do, but more importantly what NOT to do if this happens to you...

Why Your Wife Isn't Showing Affection Anymore...

So though the variables are limitless, let's break this down to the most simple reasons that your wife would change and stop showing as much affection.

One of the biggest reasons a wife stops showing affection is because of stress and basically life getting in the way. If your wife is stressed out and she's having other thoughts consuming her mind other than being affectionate with you then you're going to be last on the totem pole of affection.

The easy fix to this is to help her relax and stress less. Things like showing more affection yourself, relaxing massages, taking on some of her duties...basically just being a nice husband will help alleviate some of this in the short term.

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More Serious Reasons Why the Affection is Fading from Your Wife...

Another serious reason is her own self-esteem. If a woman isn't feeling good about herself then she's less likely to do anything that might lead to anything more. If that's the case then obviously doing things to make her feel good about herself is the obvious answer. Nothing is better for this than to simply tell her how beautiful she is, as well as display it publicly.

Of course there are also the more serious reasons why your wife is not showing affection anymore. Things like anger, resentment, hurt toward or from you will cause this to happen. This is where you'll have to do some investigating and try to figure out exactly where these feeling are coming from if you think this is the case.

What NOT to Do When Your Wife has Stopped Showing Affection...

Now the best marriage advice I can give you for when your wife has stopped showing affection is to handle it by being angry and lashing out. This will do nothing but make the problem absolutely worse, and ruin your marriage.

Don't yell and scream, call names, or start blaming. Don't be defensive, and don't be revengeful. These are all things that will no doubt lead to a more difficult marriage, and you don't want that one bit.

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So, if you need help with solving marriage problems it's apparent that you have to be open, honest and focused to get your marriage going in the right direction.

Help With Marriage Tip #1

Be open to marriage advice. You will find that you can hide your marriage problems from most people. If you have kids, they might be able to figure it out but most people will have no clue that you can use some help in fixing your marriage problems. For most married couples opening up your marriage can be scary because you don't want to reveal the issues that you need help with in your marriage.

I strongly suggest that you find a couple of trustworthy people to share some of your struggles with. You might be surprised to know that you are not the only ones who has experienced difficult periods in their marriage.

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Help With Marriage Tip #2

Be honest about your relationship. It's not a good idea to pretend to be happy but on the inside feel like you are dying of a slow death. Marriage is not supposed to be like a car battery that starts out powerful and over the years runs out of juice and dies. If you need help with marriage problems sit down at some point and admit it to each other. This will help you begin to improve your marriage.

Help With Marriage Tip #3

Make your marriage a priority. If you need help with solving marriage problems give it the right amount of focus and attention. Don't make it the 3rd most important thing in your life behind the children and work. You didn't make vows to your job so don't spend all your time and energy in doing the best job you can while your marriage is crumbling. If you have kids you can love them to death but don't allow all their wants stop you from giving each other what you need in-order to improve your marriage.

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