If you are an individual online shopper who has bought some products from e-business websites, the transaction can be completed in a short time.

What would you do if the goods can not reach you on time or the goods are damaged or lost? When the amount of loss is not too much, how would you handle it?

If you are doing foreign trade and the goods are consigned by some bad shipment companies, the goods may also be damaged or lost in the end, the carrier may be taken to court for compensation since the goods value is a large sum of money.

As for the first case, it is suggested that the consumers or online shoppers should take the third party payment tool to protect their interest since they can refuse to pay for the goods if they do not receive goods on time. The main point is that they pay for the third party first and then they will notify the third party to release funds to the seller once they receive goods and have done a thorough check.

As for the second case, goods value in the foreign trade is not small amount, which can also be processed by the third party to avoid trouble. If it is necessary, the case should be judged on court.

IBUonline is a B2B foreign trade platform, which has adopted third party payment. Customers who use third party payment may enjoy more privileges while the customers can also use other payment method depending on their own demand.

IBUonilne is also an advanced B2B platform, which has cooperated with large logistics companies in China. The logistic information has been posted on the website homepage.

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