“Have you Decided to Be Happy?”

Happiness is a state of the mind. Therefore one must decide to be happy. It is an emotion that can be controlled. However, the focus should not be limited to if one obtains tangible things. For example, I will be happy if I get a house, a car, or a higher paying job. When an individual base their happiness on the “if contingency,” they are limiting their emotion.

The emotion of happiness creates a positive attitude. When one is happy, there is a belief created that one can achieve anything. Happiness inspires individuals to have a positive outlook on life. Happiness becomes the priority in having a good day. Therefore one should make it a daily practice and decide to be happy.

10 Things in Deciding to Be Happy:

1. Affirm Your Decision to be happy and make it your top priority

2. Visualize It

3. Maintain a Journal

4. Set Your Default to Happiness

5. Think Happiness

6. Simulate the Happy Feeling

7. Maintain the Right Perspective

8. Have a Happy Attitude

9. Give it Time

10. Practice

Our Mission: to spread happiness globally one person at a time. How Happy Are You?


Author's Bio: 

Edwin has over 25 years of experience in providing individuals and business owner’s hands on training in inspiring the possibilities in networking, goal setting, and time management. He is committed to helping individuals and organizations create a brighter future by being happier. He speaks for a variety of corporate clients, civic organizations, and educational audiences.

He holds a MBA with honors from Embry Riddle Aeronautics University in Daytona Beach. Edwin is the author of “Creating a Brighter Future: Pillars of Practice to Put Your Dreams into Action,” and “Networking A to Z - A Bullish Approach”. Edwin’s focus is devoted to ten ways to be happy, mastering your happiness, focus on happiness, and sense of wellbeing.

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