The emergence of cloud computing has dynamically changed the traditional way of hosting a website by an organization. The days have gone back when the organizations have to invest a huge amount of money for maintaining their official website. This often puts an extra financial burden on their budget determined for promoting their business. Because they have to pay for the services which they don’t need to host their website.
With the presence of cloud based service providers like Microsoft they are able to use these services according to their need and pay accordingly. It is as simple as paying the bill of water and electricity according to consumption. Understanding the benefits of cloud computing nowadays lots of organizations, start-ups, non-government organizations, etc, are using this technology.
The Microsoft Azure Web App Development is one such cloud platform which has more than 200 cloud based services and products that will help you in running your online business flawlessly. It facilitates you to run and manage your web applications on different clouds with tools and services of your choice.
The Azure Web App Development comes with lots of benefits if you are looking to develop a web application for your organization. The major services offered by Azure are Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Software as a Service (SaaS), and Platform as a Service (PaaS). The availability of all these services on Azure offers you the privilege of enjoying amazing cloud services at affordable charges.
Benefits of Azure Web App Development: Some of the benefits of azure web app development are:
1. Payment According to Usage: It is one of the most notable benefits of this web app development technique. Here you pay for the services acquired by you according to your usage. This is an ideal option for small business operators and start-ups looking for their web application.
2. Secured Web App Development: The azure web app development platform and infrastructure have a multi-layered authentication in compliance to ISO and PCI. That means app development and implementation offered to you are strictly according to SLA (service level agreement) level.
3. Instant Analysis of Your Applications: Azure facilitates you to intensively check the performance of your web applications. You have power to check the use of resources. With the help of Azure Monitor feature, you can measure the response time of your application, memory utilization with Application insight, and error trend and CPU. This is helpful in making decisions to boost your business. Site Extensions enables you to use different types of features like monitoring solutions, Azure Service Profiler, additional management services, and many more.
4. Global Scare with High Accuracy: With an increasing use of the internet it is now easier for business owners to deploy data and host services from anywhere by simply clicking on Microsoft’s Global Data Centre Infrastructure. The Azure App Service provides unique service experience with an improved SLA up to 99.5%. You also have the facility of scale the performance of your application either horizontally or vertically according to your needs. You also have the facility to customize the workload and off peak times automatically to reduce the costs.
5. Protected Integration with SaaS applications: The Azure web application enables you to integrate your web application with various SaaS applications like Office 365, Concur, Salesforce, and Dropbox. This helps in saving a significant amount on your operational costs.
6. No Need to Maintain Server: With the help of Microsoft Azure Web Application you only have to activate your applications and leave the tension of their maintenance on Azure. That means you don’t have to worry about the server maintenance. It reduces the need for space, cost of managing a server room, and of course an expert to manage your server.

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With all these features, the Azure Web App Development offers you a cost-effective, instant and a versatile solution to all business organizations despite their size.