Everyone may sit back and have some questions as to what to do with their lives or if there is something more than they could be doing in their lives? Why have you had this feeling that you cannot explain? Ariel De Lion thinks that they(personal choice to personalize as they) have few of the answers that you never knew that you needed and addresses what it means to be a prophet these days and things that you need to remember about being one.

Ariel has spent a great deal of their time addressing issues involving humankind, intentional Ecosystems and supernatural activities, which is why they keep releasing booklets, posts and interactive experiments to help people learn a lot about themselves and offer tips how to live in virtue. This is why they published the Booklet for the Young Prophet on Amazon, founded and funded several intentional communities in New York City, best known for DOMLO Center, Ambrosia Elixirs, Music Wagon, and House of Words. Demographically, they reached the most massive crowds as they perform experiments for thousands of people with DOMLO, Department of Odd Missions and Lay Offs, at major festivals such as Elements Festival, figment, Gratitude Migration, House of Yes and Illuminati Ball, but is this a worthwhile effort? Is it a valid Booklet to have in your pocket? Why do they bother, and investing so much money and effort for no materialistic return?

I met Ariel Briefly and drawn by their character, to my question Ariel replied with a Kabbalah story, the Foreteller of the Cherry Blossom.
"An adored foreteller had 7 years to live and chose during these 7 years to plant Sweet Cherry Trees in the communal courtyard. Confused by their choice, their neighbor came to the foreteller and asked them why they choose to plant trees you will never get to eat their fruits, for the Sweet Cherry Trees bears fruits only after 7 years. The foreteller related and said because a person came here and planted Sweet Cherry Trees over 7 years ago, we get to eat Sweet Cherries now, in 7 years from now, I want to be that person."

Thought leaders and people who may have prophetic abilities would greatly benefit from this Booklet. It carefully outlines different personality types within the supernatural category. It details your potential personality type and ways that you may be challenged on this journey of self-discovery. But, it isn’t enough to just directly learn about your inherent challenges. This booklet also gives you the answers you need to overcome these challenges. Everyone needs a little help, and you may find exactly what you are looking for in this book.
This work is compiled from various other people writing on this type of topic throughout history.

This gives you a historical perspective on the subject that will really help you to know what to do if you are a prophetic person. You may even find out if you are a prophetic person by reading this fantastic work. It is truly inspiring and something that everyone should understand, especially if you find yourself on a journey of self-discovery with no destination in mind.

The chapters are short and to the point, easy to read, and yet still very profound for its readers that will readily get your mind thinking. In their blog, Arielismor #arielism on IG or Facebook, the author spend a lot of time studying human and their nature, which is essential for offering the best advice they possibly can. Everyone is different, and by addressing a multitude of different types of people within this category, Ariel indeed finds a way to help everyone who is looking for a hand.

Ariel De Lion can quickly become the Oscar Wilde of the millennial generation, contributing fantastic texts to read, short, witty and authentic. Keep your eyes and ears open on this one.

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