Have you ever noticed how sneaky procrastination can be??

It’s incredibly easy to ‘fool’ ourselves into thinking we’re
being productive - but at the end of the day we find we’ve
gotten precious little done.

Have you ever found yourself surfing the internet, watching
TV, doing housework or running errands so as to ‘avoid’
working on something you don’t want to do?

Mostly, we don't even realize that's what we’re doing –
letting procrastination sneak into our lives.

Where’s the DANGER?...

It’s when we DON’T recognize what’s happening - and
slowly, but surely, it reaches out and touches all the major
plans in our lives.

Before you know it, a week, a month or even another year
has gone by and your important objectives haven’t been

The Good news is… there’s a “simple little thing” you can do
to STOP it from getting out of control!

Before You Start Any Task, Ask Yourself …


"Am I using this activity to *avoid* doing something else?"

“Is this really important to do now?"

"Is there something *more important* I could be doing?"

Answering these questions will quickly let you know if
procrastination is sneaking in...

Don't get me wrong here! There’s nothing wrong with
“putting something off” ‘till tomorrow, or even longer. It’s
just really really important to recognize that’s what you’re

For instance: Just be more “aware” of the choices you’re
making, and you'll enjoy your time much more...

Oh – And have a think about this:-

Often our choices are made *without* us being consciously
aware of it!

Did you know that?

It’s true. Your choices are made from the subconscious,
based on years of life experience.

For Example:

If you mostly put tough tasks off until the last minute, but
somehow seem to get them done anyway, then you’re
“training” your subconscious not to do things until the last

This is often ‘reinforced’ when you congratulate yourself for
having the superior skill to pull it all together at the last
minute …Especially if you’re proud of it!

The stress and anxiety this ‘skill’ can cause is enormous,
but because you seem to still “get it done”… your
subconscious recognizes only that the job was done. Next time
a job comes up…

Your subconscious will make a choice based on the ‘fact’
that you always seem to get the job done …even if you leave
it to the last minute.

If this is *You*…

…Then change the real deadline to something much closer.
After you’ve done this a few times, the THRILL of having a
job finished well in advance of the real deadline will very
quickly replace the thrill of rushing it all through at the
last minute.

And Amazingly You'll Have ~ Much Less Stress ~

Author's Bio: 

Richard is a Master Practitioner of neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), Hypnosis, and Neurological Re-patterning™. He is also the co-founder of New You Life Coaching.

Because his interests stem from philosophy, spirituality, psychology, and leadership, Rich’s coaching style incorporates a rare and ingenious approach to understanding and empowering you in an insanely effective manner.