This Old But New Trend Has Flourished for Decades!

Gloria Leonard is one of the original creators and first to use "976" and "900" numbers for profit in the commercial phone trade. People had always had conversations on the phone before but this was the first time that the lines were in use for personal & suggestive exchange. From the initial onset, everyone including Gloria could not believe how fast it's popularity rose. Little did they know at the time but that this would be the start of a life-changing phenomenon. Today online social interactions between people using their smartphones, tablets, and computers are now the norm. Phone chat would soon become a big part of the picture.


Erotic Phone Chat is Born!

Sometime in the early eighties, seductive phone chat services began to spring up everywhere. With the rollover of a more open-minded society from the 70's, these lines flourished. In the beginning, people would purchase blocks of time from a performer to indulge their fantasies. It's interesting to note that most callers were male and over 90% of the hosts were female. Along with changes in sexual attitudes, the industry now reflects the diversity of its clientele. Furthermore, these services have expanded to incorporate the ever growing BDSM community. Today over 10 million people admit to experimenting with bondage, spanking, and tease & denial. Nowadays many of the hosts are females and males who will interact with both genders alike.


 What does The Future Hold?

The future of phone chat technology is already leaps & bounds ahead of its humble beginnings. With today's mobile phones and the power they possess they are capable of so much more than a simple voice call. There are several online platforms that allow for streaming video and visual interaction with other users. Not only can you now hold a one on one discussion with the person of your choice but you can see it all in glorious High Definition! While the choices are many, it appears that the best is yet to come. A multitude of high-end suggestive phone services is now exploring the possibility of enabling its users to manipulate sexual devices while online with their partner.

From its surprisingly rapid rise in popularity unto this modern era, Phone chat has become an established part of our lives. Whether people engage on a paid site or partake in using Snapchat or one the countless other similar places on the web, seems like it's here to stay. Let's face it, since the dawn of time, sex has and will always be part of our culture... it is just who we are. And in this age of modern automation its just the next logical step to the future of erotic phone chat!

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