No, it is not a juice that you drink. It is an e-liquid used in vapes. They are the latest technological revolution in the field of taking nicotine. Tobacco is not burnt anymore like in traditional cigarettes. We have moved on; the nicotine is heated just enough to make vapours. These vapours are directly inhaled by the user. The new generation is quite fixated on this new way of doing it. They feel that it is much smoother and the satisfaction is much more. You can try out one at a vape shop UK or surf about it on the vape shop online. An interesting addition is that there are many flavours to be tried. This makes it very different from traditional cigarettes.

What is all the noise about vaping?
This is an e-cigarette or even an advanced model. There is an e-liquid filled in the pod. There is no solid tobacco for burning. In fact, there is no burning process at all. The nicotine-based salt is heated just enough to make vapours that are consumed by the user. The devices are so advanced and stylish that mostly they do not even come with a button. All the user has to do is draw from the mouthpiece. The smart sensor is initiated and the vapours are formed. The process is slow and smooth so that the user can enjoy it. The feeling of satisfaction is much higher for the same amount of nicotine as there is no wastage in the formation of smoke. The toxicity is also believed to be less. Though there is no proof for it. But it is certainly smoother to use as the vapours go to the throat directly and do not hit the user.

Why does the younger generation prefer using it?
The vapes are being preferred by the younger people because of it’s new look. The new and advanced devices are sleek and stylish. They come in any colour options. Some are so bright and pop. The social influencers like to posts pics with these vapes in hand to make a style statement. There are also various flavours that attract new users. There are options like fruity flavours: watermelon, orange and so on. Then there are minty flavours and much more. After the use of vapes, there is no bad breath, rather the sweet smell of the flavour being used. Also, there is no smoke let out so there is no passive smoking. You can use it in the presence of your loved ones especially the kids. There will be no fire incidences as well. So, you can enjoy it indoors as well. The device remains the same and you can just change the pods. The batteries are rechargeable thus save a lot of money. The device is small and can be carried anywhere. Those looking to quit smoking also find it helpful to some extent as they do not have to go on and on like a traditional cigarette. This device can be used for a shorter interval as well. Try out at a vape shop UK or buy it from a vape shop online.

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