Sometimes in life we forget who we are and what makes us tick. We get so caught up in being everyone else's number one fan that we fail to be our own personal cheerleaders.

When that lack of attention-to-self prevails, you lose your luster and your inner light slowly begins to dim. This sense of disconnection can translate to frustration, resentment, boredom, and even depression.

Think back to a time when you truly experienced freedom and joyful expression of your self. Where did that person go? Is he or she still inside somewhere?

Over the years, you probably piled on layers of beliefs, patterns, and emotions that somehow curtailed your authentic, beautiful nature. In other words, you lost your swag, your mojo, your groove, your innate POWER.

If you want to reclaim this aspect of your self, try to understand that you probably gave it away at some point in your life, whether consciously or unconsciously. Perhaps a strong authority figure or ex-partner was dominating or condescending and on some level you bought into what he or she was selling.

As a young adult, you may have taken on someone else's beliefs that you have to get a "normal" job just to survive financially or that if you don't get married and have kids you're never going to be happy. Whatever programs you integrated then may not serve your greatest destiny now.

Building up years and decades of limitation, lack, fear, and scarcity can affect your personal Truth with a capital T. Each one of us is a divine being, created as a unique expression of infinite well-being, love, and peace. Are you embracing that role?

Removing the built-up energetic, mental and emotional debris can help you rediscover the fun and fabulous you. Where is the you that smiles, laughs, and lights up the world with your personal charisma and creations?

Look in the mirror and ask yourself, "Am I living my life or someone else's version?" Think about what's holding you back. Until you fill your own cup with self-love, respect, and happiness, you're not really living your life to the fullest.

You do matter and your contributions are indeed worthy. When you shine your light and bring your gifts to the world, you set off a chain reaction in which others feel safe and are inspired by your example. Consider what you feel is right for you and align yourself with a brand new approach to how you go about your day and live your Truth.

~ Be the bliss, Alice

Author's Bio: 

Alice enjoys teaching others about personal and spiritual development. Visit her on Facebook at Alice Landry - Wealth & Wisdom.