Setting the energy stage means getting on the same page energetically as the person you’re connecting with. You might think of any time you’re connecting with people as a sacred serving opportunity.

You begin any sacred serving opportunity by allowing an energy of trust to be included in the communication.

*State your intentions to partner with higher energy
*Share your intentions in the conversation with someone
*Feel a sense of connection and joy
*Be detached from the specific outcome
*Ask the other person if they would like to share your intentions
*Help them feel co-creation in the experience
*Set the stage

You can ask people before you talk to them that they not multi-task during the conversation.

Make sure to ask people how they found you. You want to know what marketing efforts are working and who you might want to send a thank you note to.

You could also ask “What motivated you to contact me now?”

This is always very interesting because sometimes there are things that are happening that have catapulted someone into talking to you that move them along the scale where they’re a lot more connected vibrationally to your solutions.

Perhaps they’ve already started to become more understanding of the implications of their problems or issues. Maybe they’re further along down that road and if so you’ll know that.

You are going to actually make this into a road map or script for yourself.

You’re taking the person and yourself through this energetic process the same way every time.

There is a tremendous amount of value and consistency in this that allows you to ultimately leverage this system and have other people sell for you!

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