“My future is no longer an extension of the past. I now ask to be led toward a destiny that outshines my history. I now realize that every day I am given a blank canvas on which I can gracefully paint. I now surrender my human will to Divine will and trust I will be lead on a journey of becoming. That is indeed my destiny.” ~ Ellie Drake.

Your imperfections should not define you, but years of mental, physical, and sexual abuse can leave you in an emotional cell of guilt.

Have you ever been abused?

Guilt is a tormenting emotion that can lead anyone into an emotional jail cell for a lifetime. Guilt has often been referred to as “The Women’s Disease.” It becomes easier for women to develop an inferiority complex after mental, physical, and sexual abuse. Freedom is the expression of a release of a holding power, which holds a person in various types of mental or physical prisons. Some of the worst prisons are without steel bars.

Are you in prison?

Aristotle once said that, “It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.”

Some people are attempting to break free from guilt by launching themselves into challenging careers that will enable their thought process to forget and forgive themselves of the long endurance of mental pain and the agony of a guilt complex. The complex has often led many to feel worthless about themselves and incapable of the simplest of daily tasks. Often one may find themselves attempting to fight an inward battle of “mental bacteria” eating away the positive ideas and thoughts that arise in their lifetime that will certainly assist them in succeeding in their accomplishments of intended good deeds.

Are you able to fight your inward battle alone?

Have you ever heard the expression that “a person is on a guilt trip?” Well that is exactly what it is—a long journey of grief. Every time you stop to refuel with positivism, you get to a negative fuel station of remembrance.

There is always someone around to enhance your sorrows.

The negative social interactions in your life are indications that you have attracted too many associations of the wrong type of people who have fed you bitter seeds of indifferences and hostilities because of their weak-minded personality differences. Oftentimes, our thoughts are manifested from the depth of a rooted history of negative feeders of our associations of different values other than our own.

Break free of those associations and seek to join winning teams of personalities that have overcome the drudgery of negative hypnotic manipulators, and seek constantly after positive magnetic attraction values. Connect with true believers…

Who have found you guilty—you or others?

Sometimes there are organizations that do not discuss your problems, but instead is willing to assist you in discovering the seeds that will bring abundant fruit in the future by supporting causes that will mean a whole new generation of learning the aptitudes and attitudes that are required to truly making a difference in your life as your guilt is released from any past abuses.

Do you know of any supporting organizations?

I enjoy inspiring others to success to change your style of life to a healthier and prosperous regime of ease and comfort for you and your family and assist you in freeing yourself from the issues of past guilt.

I care about your health and YOU. http://www.5linx.net/deja_power

Author's Bio: 

Deborah is a determined "Baby Boomer" at 62 attending University of Phoenix to complete the Doctor of Health Administration Program. She received her BSHA at 56, and her MHA/Gerontology at 58. She anticipates teaching learners and the maturing population to prepare to accept the responsibilities to continue a life-long pursuit of assisting others to respond effectively to examine strategies for technology improvements in servicing the anticipated influx of Baby Boomers.