I had a client recently with what is referred to as What-if-itis. What-if-itis is when you’re worried about what hasn’t happened yet.

She had a prospect that was referred to her but was scared to call because she was scared of what the outcome would be. She didn’t believe that she had the tools she needed for helping the client. We worked on her belief system and got her off the “starting blocks” so she could get past her fear.

Once she called the prospect, she had a great conversation and now has a new client that she loves working with. Everything went great and she changed her belief to one of confidence in her ability and expertise.

Do you have an “itis” in your life? Or more than one? You need to solve these “itisis” by:

*Making peace with where you are now Activating the How I want it to be part of you
*Focusing on how you want your business or life to be
*You have to get off the starting blocks and unless you identify what it is you need to get past you will stay stuck.
*You need to focus on how you want your business to be so that you can push past the “itisis” that are blocking you from moving forward. In order to move forward you need to manage the energy that you are putting out into the world.

Once you have managed your energy and taken control of your life again, these “itis’s” will go away.

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The difference between struggling business owners and tremendously successful entrepreneurs is this: Every successful entrepreneur has come to rely on one phenomenal business coach - themselves!

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