Have you ever done a perfect pushup? I mean a perfect pushup. You see, for millennia of humanity, there was the pushup. I think you know exactly what I'm speaking of—that's when you get down on your toes and hands—that's the regular style—and some people do it with their knees and hands, facing the floor.

And you get close to the floor, then you move up to the extended arms. Strength training, obviously—upper body, arms.

And then along comes the invention called The Perfect Pushup. If you've ever done Bowflex, it's that kind of wrist action. This is supposed to have been invented by a Navy SEAL. Hmmm—imagine the marketing going on there. It rotates, that's all it does.

You may have actually even seen it on TV, or maybe you saw somebody using it somewhere. Here's how it goes: your hands are straight out, level across the board, and then when you go up, you twist your hands out so that they're now in alignment with your body. See, when you're down, your hands are in alignment with your shoulders, across.

When you press up, you move your wrist, and now your hands are in alignment with your body. Physiologically, it's a movement with your musculoskeletal system which is beneficial.

Now, you've got the perfect pushup. There is no reason under the sun to do a regular pushup. A regular pushup is harder on the wrists than doing this Perfect Pushup. And hey—if you get excited about the idea, you can pick yours up at Wal-Mart, if you're in the U.S.

This idea about the original vs. the new…well, one of the things I like about the pushup, one of my preferred forms of exercise, is that, hey, I can do it in Sydney, Australia, I can do it in London, England, I can do it anywhere. The fact that I do it most often inside my own home gym is my choice.

And in my home gym, there is no reason under the sun for me to do an old-style pushup. It's actually, for my current purposes, detrimental—it makes you more prone to certain injuries that the Perfect Pushup apparatus solves. Case closed. Now, am I worried when I'm in Sydney and I'm doing pushups? No, not at all.

No, I'm very much excited and glad, because to me this is taking positive steps to maintain my health, and maintaining my health gives me the joy of every moment and the ability to do things like write this article and contribute to society.

That's health. Why would I do an imperfect pushup?

And that's exactly the way I feel about The NEW Think and Grow Rich versus the original Think and Grow Rich.

For millennia that regular pushup was all we had. Millions of soldiers and fitness buffs throughout the years have trained on the regular pushup, the original. And it did everything it could. Hey, it was the cutting edge up to that point; it was the best we had.

Now, it's no secret to you that we stood squarely on the shoulders of Napoleon Hill's public domain work Think and Grow Rich when we wrote The NEW Think and Grow Rich. But we definitely took it and made what was already super perfect!

Why would anybody ever go back to the original? I can't think of a single reason why. See, when I'm traveling with The Perfect Pushup, I've got to carry that small apparatus around. When you're traveling and you're carrying a book, it's a choice of one or the other.

Now, I do say it's great for historical interest, and that it has a lot of value all on its own. But, going back and using it as your main teaching tool—well, that was the original one, that was the imperfect one. Now, you can do a "perfect pushup" with The NEW Think and Grow Rich.

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