High Intensity training can burn 47% more calories in a fraction of the time of traditional exercise.

JUMP ROPE for 10 minutes = 30 minutes of running

CIRCUIT TRAINING for 15 minutes = 90 minutes of leisure swimming
Perform 60 second each of the following exercises: push ups, plank (in hold position), bicep curls, squats, lunges with arm raises.

KICKBOXING for 15 minutes = 60 minutes of leisure swimming
Kickboxing uses the entire body during the workout and pumps blood to all extremities.

INTERVAL TRAINING for 15 minutes = 48 hours of fat burning
High bursts of training combined with low intensity fatigues muscles to the point they need to revoke and repair

Earthing is a "barefoot technique" to curb stress! It is a sunny day and you are enjoying the sun, you slide your polished pedicure toes into the lush green grass and say "ahhhhh."

Instinctively, this is good for you, lifting your spirits in a therapy called Earthing. This therapy improves health& well being. It is based on the theory of the earth's connection to our bodies "circadian " rhythm.

In good health,
Jennifer Ettinger, MA., CPT

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