When you are planning wedding flowers tend to be a large part of that. This is probably the most flowers you will be buying in your lifetime in fact! Naturally, you want to get the arrangements and the wedding bouquets, Toms River or where you are, just right. Getting the details right on the bridal bouquet with a great florist is up there in importance with the wedding dress chosen. There are a lot of different styles of bouquets, as well as a lot of color schemes and types of flowers available. The bouquet you choose needs to suit your theme, dress and what you consider to be important. Here is a look at some of the style options available.

Traditional wedding bouquets

If you are looking for a traditional bouquet to go with your traditionally themed wedding then something like the cascade is worth taking a closer look at. As you hold it in your hands it cascades or spills down, like a waterfall, hence its name. Traditionally cascade bridal bouquets, Toms River has white flowers, and commonly used flowers are types of lilies and rose. The loose and flowing nature of the cascade wedding bouquet needs to suit the style of wedding dress the bride is wearing. Traditionally this means it is paired often with a white wedding dress that has a long train that flows similarly to the bouquet.

If the cascade is too flowing, another traditional option is the hand-tied bouquet. This is a classical option where blooms chosen are anchored into a holder and are hand-tied or wired together. It is especially popular in spring weddings with spring flowers but it is versatile and looks great with any wedding dress style and wedding theme.

Ideas with a bit more edge!

If you are looking for something more modern or edgy there are plenty of wedding bouquets Toms River, to suit your preferences. The nosegay is one such option. This refers to flowers cut all to the same length and arranged in a round and small shape. It does not have a lot of greenery added to it and you can have a usual bouquet holder to carry them or choose something like a tussy mussy, a silver cone.

Other less traditional ideas for the bouquet include the composite bouquet and the arm bouquet. The arm, as the name suggests, is a design that is carried on one arm rather than handheld. It is crescent-shaped, uses your choice of flowers and is very elegant looking. The composite bouquet uses a technique of using wiring with different buds and petals to create the appearance of one very large flower.


When choosing your bridal bouquets Toms River or where you are, think about the style of your dress, the theme of the wedding, where it is happening, what season you are marrying in, as well as taking suggestions and advice from an experienced and skilled wedding florist. You will be sure to choose a bouquet that looks fantastic.


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