If there are two traits that we all want to develop in our children, then those are confidence and a sense of wonder. Or rather, we want to develop the former, and keep the latter. A child’s sense of curiosity, of adventure, and of imagination is a beautiful thing, and it would be a shame to lose it with age. And of course, we all want children who are confident, who are ready to take on the world in whatever way they can. Getting a family pet can help you do just that.

A pet can teach your child the many traits it needs to be confident and adventurous, all the while keeping it in check. There is, after all, a difference between a wild and unruly child, and one that is curious and that has confidence. Below you can find several reasons, direct and otherwise, where your pet can make your child be a better person.

Your child will break out of his shell

If you want your child to be confident, get them a pet. Having a steady companion, someone who is always by their side, a creature they can confide in completely, means the world. Venting problems and issues that they simply can’t share with their parents means a great deal for their mental health. Simply put – having a pet means they always have someone to talk to.

This type of emotional stability and rock they get from their pets means they will be more willing to take risks outside of the home. Furthermore, venting in this manner means they will learn to not bottle up their feelings and suppress them, but quite the opposite. Your child will in this manner develop the habit of expressing his or her own feelings.

Pets help your kids build up their immune systems
Pets have another nice benefit for your child’s future adventurous life. Namely, spending time with a pet on a regular basis will help build your child’s immune system. Many studies have shown that children who spend their eerily years around animals are less sick throughout the years.

Namely, a pet will bring in many different types of germs and bacteria, but not to a substantial degree. Namely, your child’s immune system will build up walls, it will understand how to fight off these infection and viruses in the future.

They will also be healthier in general thanks to the regular extra exercise they get from taking care of pets and just playing with them.

Help them communicate

Another thing you want to help your kids develop is communication skills. Having a pet will help them do just that. First, as we’ve mentioned, they will talk regularly to the family pet, confide it in, give it commands, things of that nature. However, they should also have a hand in training the family pet. A big part of building the confidence of a child is in teaching it how to communicate, and helping them teach someone or something will help build that. Of course, this part depends greatly on the pet you have. Dogs are highly trainable creatures, while you can do only so much with a parrot.

So, we suggest you get the best dog treats for training, maybe some advice from a veterinarian and see how your dog responds. Have them also teach and discipline your cat, if it’s acting up, or maybe spend some time with the family parrot and teach it to speak. Encourage your child to spend as much time as possible training your pet, but be there in case it seems they are doing more harm than good.

A pet will help them be more selfless and responsible

You want your child to be confident and adventurous, not egoistical and unruly. Having a living thing to take care means your child will not have to always place him or herself first. Taking care of a pet means not only playing with it and having fun, it also means getting up earlier than you want and take your dog out for a walk, cleaning out your cat’s litter box or your bird’s cage. It means your child will from an early age learn what it means to sacrifice some of its time or comfort for someone else. You are basically helping them build and develop emotional intelligence.

Having your child be more and more responsible for the pet means you will get an organic and simple way to get it used to having responsibilities and obligations. Furthermore, you will get them to do this much more easily than any other chore.


We all want to raise confident and adventurous children, children that are ready to take on the world, to explore and experience it fully. But you also don’t want them to be selfish or arrogant. Luckily for you, a pet will help them have the best of both worlds. You will help them keep their love for life, their sense of wonder and curiosity, while at the same time giving them a sense of obligations and responsibility.

Author's Bio: 

Sofia Alves is a volunteer with local dog rescues and a freelance writer. She treats all animals as if they were her own. Sofia’s family includes her husband, a 3-year-old daughter and a sweet 7-year-old Hungarian vizsla, Lily. Outside of loving pets and spending time with her family, she’s probably bicycling somewhere in nature.