As per resources, more and more inhabitants of Perth, WA are thinking of energy efficient homes as the new way to move ahead. With rules and regulations concerning high safety standards and curbing energy consumption, the occupants are thinking of making their homes comply NatHERS- WA Building Commission standards.

A Legal Obligation for House Owners!

The House Energy rating is primarily an index of a building’s thermal performance (which is the heating and cooling needs) of residential houses. Before 2004, the standard and mandate star-ratings for houses was 4-star to 5-star. After 2010, this changed and as per the new rules, all house need to have a minimum of 6-star ratings.

Some criterions as per the new rules include –

  • The building should have a 6-star energy rating
  • Should consist of water-efficient tapware and shower heads
  • Solar hot water system along with rainwater for flushing of toilets

How These Stars are Determined and What All Are Rated?

This house energy rating in Perth is set to measure the extreme climate condition of the region in relation with the house. Each of the ratings is for comparing the building’s energy consumption/unit area and those with more stars indicate more thermally comfy living conditions. Contrarily, homes which require artificial heating or cooling are the ones less energy rating stars.

energy efficiency home in Perth

  • A zero or one star means the building shell does very little to reduce hot and cold discomforts.
  • 10-star rating from NatHERS means one has a complete energy efficient home without the need for any artificial cooling or heating
  • A 6-star rating means good but not excellent, but it is the minimum rating which one needs to maintain all the time.

The rating is done after the construction is complete and the star allocation depends on these factors.

  • Making of the roof, floors, windows and also the walls
  • Whether the construction of the building is suiting the local climate
  • If the layout of the house is good or not
  • The orientation of the building’s window and its blockage to the sun’s rays along with the usual breeze

Is it a Blessing in Disguise?

The WA Building Commission points out clearly that there are lots of benefits to an energy efficiency home in Perth. Here’s stating a few right up.

  • During the scorching summers in Perth, when the sun beats down, an energy efficient home can minimise UV penetration. That will reduce the use of cooling units to reduce the inside temperature.
  • Also, with adequate blockage of UV rays, a good efficient home helps owner use the natural light and cut down on his/her use of internal lights.
  • In words of an ERC- Electric Rating Consultant in Perth, 6-Star homes are known to reduce electricity usage by 24%. This leads to reducing costs over the life of the house.

Not only does it help increase comfort, it also reduces the electrical and other utility expenses. With that, it also increases the overall value of the property if one does intend to sell it off in the future.

So, it won’t be wrong to state that it is a blessing in disguise. Perhaps this could explain the reason why so many inhabitants in Perth are considering it to be a good way to move forward.

For those who want energy efficiency homes, it would make sense to talk to reputable energy assessors and home builders.

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