The fact is that for businesses in every industry there is a lot you can get from a focused paid campaign of which Google Ads is an increasingly important part. Google Ads is a platform for paid advertising known as PPC, or pay per click. The advertiser, in this case, you, will pay so much per click on your ads, which draws in more leads and generates more customers. When you are looking for successful ways to turn targeted traffic to your site as they are more likely to turn into sales, Google Ads Toms River is one of the most successful options. As well as seeing more traffic come to your website, businesses also see more actual physical visits to their stores.

But not everyone who tries using Google Ads Brick has as much success as they hope for. There are several reasons why this might turn out to be the case. Here are four of the most common things that you can check you have right.

  1. Ads that are irrelevant – You need to make sure the ads you use meet what the searcher's intent was, or they will not click on it, and you will not get enough clicks or visits to justify the spending. Your ad needs to offer the person a solution to their needs, and keywords in the ad and headline need to match. One of the great things about Google Ads is that you can make several ads for each campaign your run, so you can see which are more successful and make adjustments and changes as necessary to bring the others more in line.
  2. Get the right keywords – The keywords you use need to connect with your target audience. Having terms that are too general might mean the wrong people end up seeing it, and these are people not likely to click on them. Review what works and keep making adjustments till you get them just right. Most people do not get the perfect keywords in their first Google Ads Brick
  3. Lackluster landing page – It is just as important to make sure that when a user clicks on an ad and is directed to your landing page that they keep having a great user experience. What images do they see, is it optimized for keywords, does it answer their question or solve the issue they have? You also need to make sure it is not slow, people lose interest in just a few seconds. Everything needs to be smooth from the moment they click on the ad to the moment they become a client or customer.
  4. Poor quality score – Google gives your ad a QS or quality score which essentially ranks it. To get more visibility and clicks you need to have a higher quality score. You can view your QS but if it needs improving, that is down to you.



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