If you’re planning on going away to Hawaii anytime soon make sure you take a read of our top facts. It’s great to learn facts about your destination as you explore but quite often visitors returning from Hawaii holidays wished they had more time to do some research on Google before travelling or the chance to pick up that all important guidebook.

To begin with Hawaii is English speaking but officially has two languages, English and Hawaiian. The Hawaiian alphabet has just 12 letters and although it is now extinct you will still find it dotted about on street signs, songs and you will probably hear locals mention a few words during conversation. To help you brush up on the all-important phrases we have listed a few translations below:

Aloha kakahiaka - Good morning
Aloha `auinala - Good afternooon
Aloha ahiahi - Good evening
Mahalo - Thank you
Olu 'olu - Please

The most essential gesture to learn about all Hawaii holidays is the shaka sign. When someone gives you the shaka sign (simply extending the thumb and pinkie while keeping the middle fingers curled) don’t be confused as this is sign of saying hello or thanks. The shaka dates back to 1930s, so get practicing before you go and be sure to use it while you’re away.

The culture and heritage within Hawaii is one of the most unique in the world. With most Hawaii holidays you’ll find the arts are the heart and soul of the islands. Whether its hula dancing, music, photography or art you’ll be impressed with the talent and experimental style of islanders. So be sure to check out some key attractions such as The Honolulu Academy of Arts and the fascinating Pi'ilanehale temple.

No trip to Hawaii would be complete without a taste of the authentic lau lau dish. It is made from delicious pork, chicken or vegetable filling which is then uniquely wrapped in half a dozen taro leaves. The finished lau lau is then tied together to seal the moisture and flavours. Just don’t forget that the leaves are not edible and be sure to sprinkle your dish with Hawaiian salt for a truly mouth-watering experience.

Lastly it is worth noting a few interesting nature facts. Hawaii is home to the rarest species of monk seal, known as ilio holo kai, meaning 'dog that runs in the sea'. The state flower is the yellow hibiscus which can be found on nearly all Hawaii holidays, so ladies feel free to adorn your hair with these beautiful flowers.

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