A false missile alert sent Hawaiians scrambling for 38 minutes.

Thousands of Hawaiians panicked...Children climbed into manholes. Cars raced through streets. Stores closed their doors to people desperately seeking shelter.

“Coming events cast their shadow ahead to warn us. Stephen Hawking has given dire warnings for the distant future, but there's no guarantee things will last that long for planet earth.

Still the #1 best-seller, the Bible has a warning for us. Revelation, the book of the Apocalypse forecasts a time when “every island fled away” (end of 16th chapter).

That could be 7 years away if end-times begin this spring with trouble in Jerusalem as forecast in Zechariah 14-- “all nations gathered against Jerusalem to battle.”

With President Trump recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and 125+ nations opposing him in the UN, it could be trouble. Funding has been cut to Palestinians; things could unravel this spring as an omen of end-times when trouble will be widespread.

One of the problems is the way we are conditioned to think how things are, but like the above note on Hawaii, things were not the same. Children crawed into manholes and cars raced through the streets.

In Christ's forecast of Matthew 24, “as the days of Noah” suggests a huge event with destruction and the next mini-parable says, “Then shall two be in the field—one taken and the other left.”

This is more easily understood as martial law when dissidents to a New World Order are rounded up for FEMA camps.

Those camps were approved by President Reagan (REX 84) for illegal immigrants, but in the past 33 years, we find that the CIA (sometimes called Catholics In Action) is now more concerned about fundamental Bible believers.
Regardless of what we may think, heeding Christ's words spared the Christians in 70 AD. He said to flee, “When you see the abomination...standing where it ought not.” Mark 13.
The early believers understood his warning about Rome, and they fled when Cestius came in 66 AD, sparing them the siege.

In a modern application of his words (since he was talking about end-times) the pope was “standing where he ought not” in US Congress, because our Constitution calls for no respect of a religious establishment, but the pope was contending for Sunday closure of business to save greenhouse gases and 'family values' so we could all be blessed by the Eucharist (Laudato Si', par 237)

The Bible pictures the papacy as the harlot riding the beast (government) of New World Order with half a dozen clues that can only point to Rome (city of seven hills in verse 9 of Revelation 17).

The overlooked point is that a major event bringing calamity and martial law will mean a restriction of freedom when the passage from place to place or moving to the country may not be so easy.

A year early is better than a day late and from this author's view, Trouble could begin this spring. “When you see Jerusalem compassed with armies” (Luke 21) it will be time to move, and as Abe Lincoln said, “I will study and get ready,..”

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Dr. Richard Ruhling is author of The Destruction of Jerusalem—a Sign for US of Good News Amid Impending Calamity. It offers insight to impending events from a biblical view. It's available on Amazon at https://www.amazon.com/dp/B06X3W68DX and a short video offers a summary, https://youtu.be/zAzpI7pSwRs