Some time ago, hawthorn trees in the community had born a lot of red and big hawthorn fruit, but it did not seem to be popular with people, with no one to pick. At last, the hawthorns were rotten in the ground.

Some people think that hawthorn can not take home to eat, which can make sauce troublesome. In fact, drinking water with it has a lot of health benefits. Aim at the chronic prostatitis that middle-aged and elderly male friends usually have, the conditioning effect with hawthorn is very good.

Hawthorn can improve non-bacterial prostatitis

Chronic prostatitis is divided into bacterial and non-bacterial types. Chronic nonbacterial prostatitis has many causes, such as immunity, endocrine or inflammation. Many friends who have suffered from this disease feel that the abdomen is often dull pain, frequent urination, urgency to urinate, and the quality of life is reduced.

After seeing a doctor, the use of anti-inflammatory drugs can temporarily relieve symptoms, but always relapse, so they will be very depressed. As the saying goes, chronic diseases are treated in three parts and raised in seven parts. The folk prescription with 1 to 2 hawthorn slices to make tea drink, adhere to drinking and slowly you will find that the physical symptoms and discomfort can be gradually alleviated.

Hawthorn has anti-inflammatory effects

This basically is because hawthorn contains quercetin, which has the antiphlogistic action. Additionally, hawthorn also has very strong inhibition to bacili of dysentery and other germs. And it can be used to help alleviate asthma and phlegm, treat abdominal pain, diarrhoea and so on

Hawthorn is very suitable for the elderly to eat, known as longevity fruit, which can enhance appetite, improve sleep, prevent atherosclerosis, keep bone and blood calcium constant. The nutrient substance in hawthorn has the action of strong heart, which can increase haemal output quantity, make the systolic ability of the heart is strengthened.

It is very beneficial to patient with senile heart disease. Besides, the flavone, vitamin C and carotene that are contained in hawthorn can be able to enhance airiness immunity, prevent consenescence and so on.

Drinking hawthorn water is advocated. This folk prescription has effective effect on male and female patients. Nevertheless, we should remind you that lifestyle adjustments and bad habit changes are also important. Especially to the male friend that likes to drink and smoke, they must give up smoking and limit the intake of alcohol. Bad habits can lead to long-term symptoms of prostatitis.

To sum up, for males, early prevention, early detection, early recuperation are needed when have prostatitis. Besides hawthorn, the herbal medicine herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill produced by Dr. Lee Xiaoping is also a great choice for patients with prostatitis, especially the chronic one. It has no side effects and can eliminate not only the symptoms but also the years of root causes. Patients can take it for a long course to prevent the relapse of the disease.

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