The Hazelden Betty Ford Graduate School aims to educate future leaders in addiction counseling who provide evidence-based integrated care for substance use and co-occurring disorders. They focus on training students in the use of the most up-to-date evidence-based practices and foster a scientific and open environment for inquiry and learning anchored in academic freedom and scholarship.

The Hazelden Betty Ford Graduate School (HBFGS) for more than 50 years has primed addiction counselors who help individuals and families reclaim their lives from the disease of addiction. They are the longest continuous provider of addiction counselor training in the United States. Educational quality has always been HBFGS’s top priority. Their online program was developed using the “Online Learning Consortium’s Quality Scorecard” as a standard. They have built their program from the ground up based on the scorecard and continue to conduct a thorough annual appraisal to make sure rigorous standards are met.

All individual courses are designed to meet ‘Quality Matters’ standards. These benchmarks keep the learning experience of students a top priority. HBFGS also ensures that the students are prepared to succeed in an online graduate environment. Each student in the online program is required to enroll in a four-week orientation course, led by HBFGS’s Director of Online Education. This orientation utilizes all the online program’s core technologies so students can begin their coursework ready to learn and are able to focus on engaging in the course content.

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