Of all the questions about the HCG diet, probably the most typical concern is actually women should continue taking Hcg diet drops throughout their menstrual period. HCG drops are becoming a more and much more popular form of HCG, so this problem arises more often than before. The original Hcg diet plan protocol, invented by Doctor. ATW Simeons, included taking daily shots rather of utilizing Hcg drops with their easy oral administration. Dr. Simeons advises in his book "Pounds and Inches: A New Approach to Obesity" that females should ceasetaking HCG during their menstrual period.Contrary to what some individuals claim, Dr. Simeons never offered a good reason for this recommendation. However, he did say that females generally had no problems with hunger even without HCG during their period. If they experimented with to go without HCG after their period was over, they would often start experience ravenously hungry until they got their dosage.

Weight loss typically slows down during your monthly period cycle. This is brought on by the retention of water, which always increases throughout this time. Don't panic, and don't get discouraged. Above all, don't cheat, as this will certainly lead to a true plateau and/or a weight gain. Although women tend to lose a little less weight than men overall on the HCG diet, it's completely normal. Your extra water weight will come off quickly as soon as your period is over.

It had been Dr Simeons’ view that the HCG must be stopped totally during menstruation. As pointed out he never spelled out the key reason why. I have explored the professional medical literature to find a conceivable cause and can not find anything that would certainly warrant the need to have to cease the HCG. Many women have tried out HCG drops during their menstrual period. The majority of the data that I have viewed is that there is simply no difference whether HCG is actually used throughout the monthly period or ceased. Certainly, weight loss slows when you stop the HCG. It is apparent, that when ladies are losing excess weight swiftly often they will skip a period or even have two periods in the 30 days. The is because pf this rapid excess weight reduction, not the HCG. If you're concerned with it, just follow the original method. Either way, you should still lose a lot of fat very fast, and you'll be thankful you tried HCG

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Dr Richard Lipman MD, is a board credentialed internist and endocrinologist. In his office in Miami, Florida he has diagnosed in excess of 30,000 women and men with metabolic and weight difficulties. He is the author of over something like 20 healthcare journal articles and five books on metabolism and weight reduction. He relates his latest experience working with countless numbers of men and women with the HCG diet in his new book, New Pounds and Inches which is available at his web site, www.bestbuyhcg.com