He Broke Up With Me But Says He Still Cares: Why Did He Break Up With Me If He Still Loves Me

You went through a break up recently and your ex boyfriend is still keeping in touch with you. When you are about to give up on your ex boyfriend and move on to find a new guy, he suddenly says he misses you so much. "My boyfriend broke up with me, but still misses me. Why did he want to break off with me in the first place if he misses me so much now?"

Relationship can be quite puzzled at times. Sometimes, when the person that he has always been together is not around by his side, he starts to miss and hope for a chance to treasure the relationship again.

The situation is at your advantage when your boyfriend still misses you. Even if your boyfriend is all you are thinking about during this period of time, show him that he is not the main focus of your life. Take this time to come back to yourself if you are not uncertain whether you should recommit a relationship with your boyfriend again. Spend time with friends and get back into activities that you may have stopped when you are together with him. Expand your social life and make new friends. A guy will normally feel very worried when he knows that the girl he loves the most is probably having other options too.

Take this chance to understand how sincere and ready your boyfriend wants to get back together with you. If he is truly genuine in getting back together with you, he will make sure things go right accordingly. As long as you deal the cards right, it will make him eager to win your heart and get back together with you.

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You know that you are still in love with your ex and you want him back! Even though you might have to work hard to convince him that you are indeed the right person for him, when you see him madly in love with you all over again, it will be worth all the effort you put it. Here are seven ways in which you can lure him back.

Be determined to win his heart all over again

Make sure that getting him back is what you want to do with your whole heart! Only then you will be able to put your whole heart and soul into the effort of getting him back. If your determination does not waver you have a chance of changing his mind and reigniting the love and desire.

Make him admire the way you have changed

Nobody is perfect but one can strive to be! If you know the ways in which you have to change in order to make you a better person and the woman of his dreams - then change! Make him admire you because of your humility and willingness to admit that you need to be different.

Look like an entirely different person

Don't be satisfied with your appearance and looks even if you are as pretty as you were when you were together. The trick is to make him see you and gasp with admiration and wonder! He is expecting to see the same old you and will not be expecting you to look so much more confident and beautiful.

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Show him that you have a new found independence

Don't irritate him as usual with your numerous calls or messages. Be aloof and ignore him to the point where he wonders if he has lost his hold over you. Not only will he begin to see that you have a new found independence and confidence but he won't be able to help himself admiring the development in your personality.

Pursue him without being too obvious

Don't let him see how desperate you actually are to get him back into your life. Go out and date others. Let him see how guys are queuing up to date you and he will automatically begin to resent it. He will wonder if he has lost you completely and may try to win you back!

Make him aware of your sexuality again

Use your knowledge of the past and your experiences with him to turn him on. Let him see how sexy you look. Wear clothes that will make him remember the past with longing. Once he begins to be sexually aware of you, it will be easy to start becoming close and friendly once again.

Become his friend and build trust between you

Don't try to push him into coming back to you. Just bide your time and concentrate on earning his respect and trust. This means that you should be content to just be his buddy till he makes a move to get closer! Once he trusts you - he will respond to your flirting.

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Are you completely heartbroken because of a recent breakup? Are you down in the dumps and feel like your life isn't worth living anymore? Don't worry. Hope is still alive. As a matter of fact, if you just stay calm and keep reading this article, you can find out how to take control and successfully text your ex boyfriend back. All you need to do is follow the right tips and your ex boyfriend will run back into your arms in no time.

Tip Number One: Bring out your powers of seduction.

If you want to text your ex boyfriend back the sneaky way, then the easiest way to do so would be to take control of your powers of seduction and just seduce him with sexy messages. As sneaky as this may sound, the way to a man's mind is definitely through his loins. So, make him think of you in a sexy manner and he is sure to think about you for days on end. Now, this doesn't mean that you should take half-naked pictures of yourself and send them to him. Just be sultry in the way you speak through text and tease him every now and then. Don't give him anything that he can blackmail you with!

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Tip Number Two: Be irresistibly sweet.

Conversely, if you would rather text your ex boyfriend back in a more wholesome way, you need to bring the best memories that you have into the forefront and remind him of what he is missing out on. Remind him why he fell for you back in the day and make him forget the reasons why he might have left you. Be sweet in every text message that you send, but don't sound clingy or desperate and he is sure to run back to you very soon.

Tip Number Three: Be a new version of you.

If you would rather just give up on the past, then another thing you can do is start from scratch. Forget about the relationship that went awry and try to start a whole new relationship with your ex instead. In other words, just be friends with him first and then see where things will go from there.

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No matter how difficult it is, if you want to get back together after a break up, you must resist the urge to contact your ex. Though the urge to call or see them seems hard to override at this point, if you do so, chances are you will simply push your ex away. And this will make any chance you had to get back together after a break up disappear in a heartbeat.

Though it is hard to accept, you need to leave your ex be. Do not contact them, and definitely do not beg or plead. Again, you don't want to ruin your chances. What they really need is space, and this is why:

1. Emotions Need to Settle

Most breakups are unpleasant experiences and yours was likely no different. Both of you benefit from this time apart to cool down and get your heads back in order. Taking time to evaluate your feelings and settle down will put both you and your ex in a better position to get back together after a break up.

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2. You Have to Know What Went Wrong

There are many reasons for a break up, sometimes it is the snowball effect of small things over time, or perhaps it was a large problem that caused the split. Whatever the reason, you cannot promise to change until you know where things went wrong. This time apart will give you time to analyze the relationship to determine what went wrong and how to fix it.

3. Know Your Reasons For Wanting to Reunite

Before trying to get back together after a break up, you need to determine why you want to reunite. Do you feel that, overall, your relationship was good less a few small, but fixable problems? Or do you simply just not want to be alone?

People break up and get back together for any number of reasons. You need to give yourself, and your ex time to cool down, figure out what went wrong, and determine if you even have a good reason to want to get back together after a break up to begin with!

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