He Has A Girlfriend But Texts Me Everyday: Why Is My Ex Contacting Me When He Has A Girlfriend

"My ex boyfriend still texts me!" said the very excited woman who has been nursing a broken heart. Unfortunately, today, you're playing the role of the dumped woman who is all aglow now that her ex has been sending a few polite and maybe even flirty text messages her way. It's given you renewed hope, hasn't it? Now that he's back in contact you've convinced yourself that it means one thing and one thing only. You've jumped to the conclusion that his text messages mean he's still in love with you and wants you back. You need to slow your heart down and take a deep breath. Reading too much into his actions is natural but you have to be aware of his true motivations. Just because he's texting you again, that doesn't automatically mean he's ready to be your boyfriend.

There are so many confusing and strong emotions that course through a person after a break up. There's the initial disbelief that it's over. That is soon followed by anger that you were dumped and then finally acceptance. Moving forward can be a feat unto itself but when you do it's typically with renewed confidence in yourself and in the knowledge that you're going to find a man who appreciates, accepts and adores you. If you happen to throw the wrench of an unexpected text message from your ex boyfriend into that mix, everything gets thrown off course.

On the other side of the coin, the person who did the dumping, in this case your ex boyfriend, also has to shoulder a lot of conflicting and overwhelming emotions. If he ended things with full knowledge that you loved him, there's going to be some guilt involved on his part. He may also feel regret along the way because he realizes that you were someone special and a woman that added something very positive to his life. However, loneliness can also rear its emotional head and if that happens, he may come crawling back looking for you to throw some attention and adoration his way.

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When you first receive a text message from your ex it's likely going to knock you off your feet. It doesn't matter if the message is a simple "hi" or if it's an apology for the break up. Emotionally you're not prepared for it, so it will feel as though it's a ball coming out of left field that you just aren't prepared to catch. It's expected that if you still care about him that you'll respond quickly and favourably. He's counting on that happening.

Although there's a chance that he may be looking to reconnect and start up the relationship again, you must be fully aware that his motivations may be more short term. If he's found no fulfillment in dating other women he may just be looking for someone to fill in the time until the next girl comes along. Obviously, that's not who you want to be. You need to ensure that you don't open yourself up to more pain by playing into his hand.

Be careful of how you reply to him and how much interest you show. Even though you may be jumping out of your seat because you feel your dream of being with him again is becoming a reality, don't forget the emotional wringer he put you through when he dumped you. Unless he apologizes for his behavior, explains why he sought out the break up and has a clear plan for how things will work better for the two of you in the future, don't fall into this trap. There is absolutely no reason for you to rush back into his life. Respond to his text messages as any acquaintance would and allow him to show you that he's interested in more than a temporary fling.

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Falling in love with someone is the most incredible and the most beautiful feeling that can happen to anyone. When we are in love everything around us look so beautiful and the colors of life start having their impact on our life and on our moods. Most of us fall in love once or twice in our lives so we need to hold onto these chances and enjoy our lives. But at the same time this strong feeling of love can be devastating if your partner breaks up and moves on. The situation is incredibly difficult for you when your ex boyfriend has a new girlfriend. You might think, you have lost him and will never get him back. At this point it is highly dependent on how you behave and tackle things, you still have great chances of getting him back.

If you really want him back, you have to act smartly not emotionally. Most women react emotionally in these situations and start crying and begging their ex boyfriends to come back and telling them that "She still love him". This will never help you getting him back. You do not have to react emotionally when he tells you or you find out that your ex boyfriend has a new a girlfriend. I know this is not as easy as saying it but believe me this is the only way you can get him back. Hold on to this worst news to yourself and behave naturally as you do with your friends. If you meet your ex boyfriend with his girlfriend, talk to them naturally. Do not say anything bad about the new girl. This will make your ex boyfriend think, because he would be expecting a reaction from you.

One more thing if your ex boyfriend has new girlfriend just after you guys broke up then it is highly likely he is in rebound relationship. You know he still loves you a lot and cannot get over it that is why he has started new relationship. Believe me you can get him back easily by just holding your anger or grievances to yourself. Do not make him feel that you are desperate to get him back, if you do so, you may never get him back again. By following this simple tip and acting like a good actress you will surely get him back.

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You've been left by your man and you are still baffled. You have no idea what you did wrong. All you ever did was show love and affection for him, and what could be wrong with that? Well the problem is, your love and affections, that is exactly why things went downhill. Of course your actions were done out of love, but to a man, this can make him feel stifled and smothered. But even though you've made some wrong moves, you can get your ex boyfriend's attention fixed on you again.

Even though you didn't mean to, you went too far in your expressions of affection for your ex - you made him feel smothered, and nobody likes that. The real problem lies in the fact that men and women move through "stages" of commitment at different rates - men most often slower than women - and we as women must accept that if we want a successful relationship. So to get your ex boyfriend's attention fixed on you again, give him what he wants - space - and plenty of it.

This probably isn't the advice you want to hear, you miss your ex, but this is what HAS to be done. This is the time for your friends and family to step and be there for you - let them, that is what they are there for. Being with them will allow you the time you need to get over the hurt feelings incurred by the breakup, and it will also allow you to start to move on with your life. It is very important that you do this.

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Try to have some fun, go out on the town with your friends and have a blast. You know how to have a good time, so show them! But a word of advice - do no go to places where your ex frequents or he will assume you are there so you can see him. You can be sure that he will hear about how much fun you've been having and what a good time you bring to any party. This is going to get your ex boyfriend's attention fixed on you again, as not only are you out of contact with him, you are hitting the town and having a good time - without him.

Plenty of time has now passed since last communication. With all your ex has been hearing about how great you look, how much fun you are having, and how you are moving on, this news will drive him made and most certainly get your ex boyfriend's attention fixed on you again. He is going to try to contact you before it is too late, as he's likely to fear that your behavior is an indication that you are moving on.

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Keep Your Cool - breakups hurt, that is true, but what is worse, is when you make the situation worse for yourself by acting hot headed and emotional. I understand that you desperately want your ex back, but the moment you let your emotions get the best of you, is the instant you lose control over the situation. You must keep your cool at all costs, if you want to pull your ex back, because if you do not, you will only come across as freakishly desperate, needy, and harmful to your ex.

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Keep Your Distance - I know that at this very moment the only thing you want to do is be with your ex, around him/her, and hear his/her voice... but let me strongly warn you that stalking your ex will only make him/her avoid you forever. If you are calling your ex constantly, stalking him/her online and offline, showing up where he/she works etc... then you are putting yourself at risk of losing your ex forever.

Give your ex what they want If you do not give your ex space, and do not do what he/she has asked (such as change), then your ex will feel like you cannot give them what they want, and they will quickly move on and forget you. So give your ex as much space as possible, so that way you can at least look like you are genuinely trying to change during this time, and so that your ex will start to get curious.

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