Communication is an imperative art, but effective communication requires creativity that is imbibed through learning and teaching communication is in itself a great art imparted by great teachers. Well, one does not have to be old to teach the art. And one youngster in the league is Rahul Kapoor, just 23 and teaching the art for the past one year to people from all walks of life be it, students or housewives.
After graduating in business management from Seshadripuram College, he started Kapoor’s Workshop on Effective Communication, training initially his juniors at the college and later he went to train professionals from the software industry. He says, “My workshop is dedicated to all those people who due to certain personal reasons cannot present themselves smartly in today’s ever demanding world.And I’m glad that I can share my knowledge with them.” Committed words those.
His primary aim is to make verbal communication a part of education at all levels thereby fulfilling his father’s cherished dream. Trained by Ramesh Batavia, Rahul combines psychological and sociological aspects in training. He says, “I give individual attention to all the students and keep in mind that most of them are my contemporary, so special care is taken in approaching their requirements. And I believe that if parents and society at large are serious enough, youngsters will be wise and smart.”
Motivational Speaker Rahul Kapoor has so far trained over 125 students in all and aims to train nearly 5000 students in the next five years. How important is money to this youngster? Well, his mind looks for money but heart prevails and service takes lead. This from a person whose family has seen only businessman and where money’s importance is supreme. So why this side tracking? His late father influenced him greatly and reminded him that ‘whatever he has is not to keep along but to share with the world’ and this adage he religiously follows.
What next? Well, he is training school kids later this month and is very excited about going back to school. Anti-smoking is his next forte dedicated to his father who fought cancer with unsuccessful valor. Says Rahul, “I know I am going on an unconventional road, but someone has to take the lead to make this world a better place.”

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Rahul Kapoor is dedicated to helping people transform their lives and achieve great results, both personal and professional. Over the last decade, he has impacted over 60,000 people across 100 organizations with his work in peak performance, goal setting and team effectiveness.