He Won't Accept My Apology: I Apologized and He Didn't Reply

Did your boyfriend break up with you over a mistake you made? Is he refusing to listen to you when you try to tell him you'll change and never do it again? Is he not answering your calls or texts anymore? Do you know if you could just get him to talk to you that you could fix the problem and you guys could get back together? Here's how to get your boyfriend back with an apology and make sure that this type of situation never happens again!

Address the real issues. Many times break ups don't really happen just because of one problem. They tend to happen because of a lot of other problems that have built up, and then the final issue just opens the floodgates. While it is good for you to apologize to your boyfriend for whatever you did that caused the break up, you also have to realize that you want to stay together for the long haul. This means that the other issues need to be addressed as well.

What if he has moved on? Here's how to get him back.

Apologize for the right reason. Don't just apologize to your boyfriend to get him back. Apologize because you are sincerely sorry for what happened. If you are only apologizing to get him back, then he will see through it and won't give you a second chance to make things right.

Don't Make Excuses. Even though you might have a good reason for whatever you did that made your boyfriend break up with you, he isn't going to want to hear it. You have to avoid making excuses for your behavior while you are apologizing. It is better to sincerely apologize and let the justifications go. Even if you didn't intend for your boyfriend to be hurt by your actions, the outcome is still the same, and he needs to know you are truly sorry.

Don't expect immediate results. Getting your ex boyfriend back won't happen immediately. Even though you can get your boyfriend back with an apology, that is really just the first step. Most of the time your boyfriend will still have some resentment and hurt feelings. He might not even accept your apology at first. The good news is that apologizing the right way and for the right reasons will never make your situation worse. But you need to give him time to think about things and decide that he can forgive you.

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There are plenty of ways to get back in a relationship with your ex. However it is only when you are determined to work hard at it and entice your ex that it will really work!

Here are some great ways to get your ex to fall back in love with you and crawl back!

Never ever chase him

You should stop trying to get in touch with your ex. "Chasing" means making late night calls, mailing or messaging and stalking! This type of behavior will only make your ex take an intense dislike to you and even pity you. Stop harassing your ex. Make them come back to you willingly and on their own accord.

Pump up that personality

Working on yourself is what you should do instead of chasing your ex. Get a complete makeover and stun your ex. Your new chic look will automatically give you the confidence you need.

Be bold and brave

Get rid of your inhibitions and fear of rejection etc. Be bold and brave. Show your ex that you have moved on in confidence. Don't concentrate on the past instead forget the bad parts! Be social and make new friends. This will impress your ex a lot.

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Ignore your ex

Make sure you have the same friends and ignore your ex. Except for the casual "hello" don't give your ex any attention. Instead give others your attention and time. Not only will this attitude irritate your ex but they will want to claim you as theirs!

Accept social invitations

Once your ex sees you as a social person they will try to get your attention. This does not mean that you flirt with each and every girl or boy you meet. It will make your ex sit up and take notice of this new and "available" person and they will regret giving you up and crawl back.

Make your ex think you are lost to him forever!

You have to be careful not to overdo this! It is okay to make your ex think that you have moved on and are probably dating some one else. But if you go too far, he/she may just turn their back on you and forget you altogether. On the other hand, if you play it just right, they will be afraid of losing you for good and will crawl back to you.

Be patient

Don't try to rush things and get your ex to crawl back to you. Instead, give it time and let your ex see if the "grass is really greener on the other side of the fence". Most often they find that it is not. So have patience and he/she will come back to you.

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If texting your ex boyfriend back is on your mind, then the last thing you should do is rush things. In other words, you shouldn't believe the slew of bad relationship tips out there that state that you should try and get your ex boyfriend back as soon as possible or you will never get him back again.

It makes sense if you have already acted upon hearing those tips, though - especially if you were extremely hurt after the breakup. You might have already started coming up with a plan because you thought you didn't have much time left. You might have just given up because you thought it was already a lost cause. You might have even gone over to his house by now and bothered his mother, looking for him.

Sadly, acting irrationally while texting your ex boyfriend back will not help you succeed. In fact, if you are anxious, your plans to get him back will do nothing but backfire.

What you should know is that texting your ex boyfriend back and succeeding has nothing to do with rushing. As a matter of fact, you are practically guaranteed to succeed if you are patient and wait things out. Even if your ex is already getting to know other girls by this time, you can still turn things around if you take your sweet time in the process - believe it.

What if your boyfriend already left you? Here's how to get him back.

Now, you have to make sure that you don't try anything if your emotions are at an all-time high, though. You should only act once our mind is completely rational. So, breathe and take some time away from your ex altogether. Ideally, you should follow what is known as the 30-day period of silence before getting in touch with him again.

Of course, you can't just avoid seeing your ex altogether - especially if you have mutual friends. However, you can stop yourself from calling him, emailing him, sending him letters and notes, and texting him.

The 30-day period of silence might seem like ages now, but spending as much time away from your ex will definitely be helpful in the long run. After all, it will show your ex that you aren't desperate for his attention and that you don't need him in your life anymore. Once he becomes intrigued by your silence, you can then start thinking about texting your ex boyfriend back again. Sneaky, huh?

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Everyone would agree that it's our hearts that create relationships, however if you are looking to fix a broken relationship you need to use your brains. Not too many people would buy this idea as it contradicts our collective understanding of bonds and associations. But as unlikely as it may sound, you need to think straight and do away with impulsive decision making to succeed in getting your ex back.

Why do you need to shift your decision-making process from heart to mind? It is so because when we go by our instincts we let our emotions influence our decisions. Emotional decisions are short-sighted and irrational and almost in all cases they backfire. Now you need to assess if you can really afford to be impulsive and let go off your last chance to get your ex back?

On the other hand, when you put your thinking cap on you start seeing things much more clearly. What should be your next action? How would your ex react to it and what would be the long-term implications? These are some of the questions that your mind keeps in view when directing you towards a certain action to get your ex back.

What if he has moved on? Here's how to get him back.

Humans can do some really forgettable things when they get driven by their emotions, and maybe you've already made your share of impulsive mistakes in your life. So you need to start thinking rationally in order to get your ex back for good.

Your mind is the right ally you need at a troubled moment like this because it compares different options, assesses the pros and the cons of every decision and stays unbiased. These are just the characteristics that can help you get back together with your ex.

The wisest thing to do is to give your ex the right to sort matters out their own way. Just by giving your ex some space and time, you will indirectly tell them that you're willing to wait and that you respect their feelings. This new strategy will be so much unlike you and will definitely force your ex to change his/her mind and come back to you.

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