Headache: A Common Condition
Headaches are one of the most common medical condition that causes pain and discomfort in the head, scalp, or neck. Regardless of age, gender and race, most people experience it at some or the other point in life. It is estimated that 7-8 people or the adult population worldwide experiences headaches either occasional or frequently, with the most common type arising out of tension and stress.
Different Reasons of Headaches
A headache can be a mark of stress or it can be the outcome of a medical disorder, such as migraine or high blood pressure, anxiety, or depression. Headache may be due to varied reasons. Tension, Depression, Stress, Fever, Cold, Sinusitis are the common causes of Headache while Other causes may include insomnia or disturbed sleep, Excessive smoking and drinking, over sleeping, eye and neck Strains, Overuse of painkillers etc. Sometimes it can be mild but in some cases there is a severe pain that disrupts daily activities and make it difficult to concentrate at work.
Types and Symptoms
Symptoms may vary accordingly to some extent and depends on the type of headache.
1.Tension headache: Mild to moderate pain that can feel like a band around the head affecting both sides of the head is a tension headache.
2. Migraine headache: There is a severe throbbing pain in one part of the head, either the front or the side. There may be a feeling of sickness, nausea and vomiting, and the person may specifically feel sensitive to light or noise.
3. Cluster headache: The intense pain often around one eye that usually takes place around a particular time of the year and frequently over 1 to 2 months. These can cause intense pain, often around one eye.
Effective Remedies for Headache
However, most headaches aren’t symptoms of serious medical conditions and can be successfully treated with over-the-counter medications, such as aspirin, ibuprofen etc. or some natural and herbal fast headache relief balm, ointments, essential oils etc. Several alternative forms of treatment for headaches include:
1. Acupuncture may diminish stress and tension through the use of fine needles to particular areas of your body.
2. Mild to moderate exercise can help produce certain hormones that make you feel happier and more relaxed.
3. Cold or hot therapy includes applying a heating pad or ice pack to your head for few minutes several times a day.
4. Taking a hot bath or shower can help relax stressed muscles.
5. Avoiding food triggers. Some foods are known to trigger headaches including aged cheeses, wine, cashews, and onions, chocolate, dairy, excess caffeine in tea and coffee and wheat, which could vary from person to person and these should be avoided.
6. Meditation:Techniques like focusing the mind on the body, deep breathing, and imagining each tense muscle in the body relaxing or meditation can help out ease headaches specially tension related.
Essential Herbs and Oils for Headache
Some effective herbs at home can treat headache quickly and easily without pain killers. If the problem is not serious, you can treat it by applying any of the following home remedies:
1.Lavender Oil
The lavender oil has lots of health benefits, it is more effectively used in treating headache due to tension, blood pressure and cold. Take steam of lavender oil. Boil 2- 4 cup of water in a pan and put it off from heat. Then put 2-4 drops of lavender oil in the boiled water and inhale its smell. Cover your head with towel and take steam. Another way to apply it externally on your temples for 1-2 minutes; it will ease your headache.
An easy way is to grind some cinnamon for making fine powder. Then take 1 tsp of cinnamon powder and make paste by adding little water. Now apply this paste on your forehead and let it dry and then wash your face with normal water or add 1 teaspoon cinnamon while preparing tea and drink .Or add cinnamon powder and honey to hot milk and drink to get instant relief. Or you can use cinnamon in tea or milk for controlling pain. Simply, t. Similarly, stir 1 teaspoon cinnamon powder and honey (shahad) in a cup of hot milk and drink. You will get relief in few minutes.
Peppermint is an herb that has a wide variety of medicinal uses. Peppermint oil has been used to cure headache since ancient time. If you have headache due to tension, rub peppermint oil onto the forehead and temples,or steam add some fresh peppermint leaves into a cup of boiling water and leave it covred for sometime. Then drink the tea after straining and adding 1-2 spoon honey in it.
4.Carom Seeds or Ajwain
Smell of carom seeds also aid in headache. Put some carom seeds in a cloth to make swag; put this swag near your nostrils and inhale the smell by taking deep breath.
5.Topical ointments
There are many natural remedies and topical instant headache relief balm or creams that are formulated for quick relief and has most of these essential herbs infused in them so that you can apply them with ease and convenience and also they are easily available at an Ayurvedic medical store near you. You can always order these organic headache relief balm from Ayurveda shop online also.
For a more holistic approach Yoga, supplements, essential oils, organic topical balms and dietary modifications are natural, harmless and effective ways to lessen headache symptoms. Though these natural cures are quite effective but if your headache continues and symptoms worsen, seek immediate medical attention. Also, in specific cases or allergy you must always consult your physician before opting any therapy.

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