As news report says, Shanghai leaders are worried about the shortage of financial talent is hobbling the city’s bid to become an international center for investment and banking.

To overcome this problem, the municipal government has launched an ambitious scheme to increase the number of qualified professionals in financial services by at least 40 percent in the coming five years.

Such efforts have greatly intensified the competition for the available pool of talent in other financial centers of Asia, mainly Hong Kong and Singapore. They are seen to be more adaptable to the Shanghai business and social environment, either because of their cultural background or professional experience in regional markets.

We can see that nowadays e-business talent is also hard to find out on the job seek fairs.

E-business is a complicated industry which may involve different aspects, such as financing, foreign trade, online payment, online banking security, online website designs, website marketing and promotion, logistics etc.

Senior staff in e-business companies need to master different skills and knowledge in different areas, language skills and overseas study experience is preferred.

In china, there are more and more e-business companies emerged on the market so these companies may need to recruit more talents for business operation.

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