Headhunters are firstly known as common cannibals.Some people still view them that way,but executive recruiters are a vital link in a chain that keeps major enterprises functioning well.

The top positions at any organization dictate the fortunes of the company,the shareholders and the employees and often the communities in which they are located.A good executive head hunter can ensure that new company executives have the skills required for the position and the challenges ahead.He can also ensure that the right executive is chosen,one whose style will flourish in the specific environment of that company.

Headhunters work at the senior and professional end of the job market.They work for the company to screen,interview and shortlist candidates for a particular role.Briefed to find the most suitable candidate regardless of whether they are actively looking for their next role or not. Headhunters are knowledgeable about their industry and key organisations.They are used to cultivating relationships with candidates and organisations over several years.Paid when a candidate they have put forward is hired but may also be paid for carrying out candidate research.

Headhunters are an important resource for executives seeking their next career move.Howeve,we need to pull out all the stops in order to impress them and be prepared to wait while a suitable opportunity comes along.To this end,it worth cultivating relationships with headhunters long before we actually to move role.

As an employer, we have a number of options to consider as far as employee recruitment is concerned.Perhaps we like the idea of posting ads on the internet,either on our own company site or on jobseeker websites.Or perhaps we favour the tried and true approach of relying heavily on newspaper want ads in order to recruit candidates.Which recruitment style we choose often depends upon our goals, our community, and the type of job applicants we hope to attract.Another option is to work with a headhunter.Some employers are reluctant to do this.They worry that a headhunter might have an agenda that differs from their own.

They also wonder whether a headhunter could be more trouble than be or she is worth. And they question the success rate of headhunters.Yet,there are also numerous benefits to working with headhunters.A headhunter can do some of our work for us.There is little doubt that a headhunter can help to relieve us of some recruiting responsibilities. As a result,we can devote more of our time to actually running our business rather than trying to find qualified candidates to fill open positions.Since managers often find their time to short supply,a headhunter can be a welcome addition to our recruiting efforts.A headhunter is specially trained to spot talent.Therefore,the headhunter spot talent.A headhunter can have a sixth sense about people.He or she recognizes the fact that a resume doesn’t tell the whole story. Through the interviewing process, a headhunter can become familiar with a particular individual’s strengths and weaknesses.Since headhunters are in the business of finding talent,they often have a special sense about which individual is right for which company.In essence, when we turn to a headhunter,we are relying on that individual’s judgement about people.

The headhunter becomes an extra voice in the recruitment process someone whose opinion really matters.If a headhunter succeeds in finding our ideal candidate once,chances are he or she will continue to do so in the future.

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