There are numerous places to spend a fun- filled and exciting stag weekend. However, some places hold the edge over others. Among these, Barcelona is one that has its nose ahead of others.. And why should it not be? For over the ages, Barcelona has experienced a constant rush of tourist from different corners of the world. In fact, till date, Barcelona is considered to be the fourth most visited city in Europe. The other three cities that lie above are London, Rome, and Paris. In terms of world tourism, Barcelona is the 16th most visited city. Over two to three million visitors step into Barcelona every year. The El Prat Airport is one of the busiest airports in Europe and is the second largest within boundaries of Spain. Flights are available for different parts of the world, be it Asia, Africa, United States, or Latin America.

Barcelona is a beautiful city that is famous mainly for the heritage sites it possesses. There are around eight world heritage sites within Barcelona. Plenty of art galleries, museum, cathedral, and other gothic structures can be observed within the city. There are plenty of green spaces to relax. According to municipal statistics, the city features for a total of 68 parks. However, these parks have been divided categorically: 45 urban, 12 historic, 6 forests, and 5 botanical. Montjuïc is the largest park among all these categories. The park is located within the hill of same name and is one of the most visited places for tourists.

There are plenty of stag do in barcelona As the city lies within the coast of Mediterranean, a lot of water activities are available to participate in.

Among other stag barcelona activities, paintballing, karting, and hovercraft driving are extremely popular. However, after dark hours do experience a lot of fun and booty shaking activities within lounges and discos. Strip clubs are mostly packed up during the weekends.

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