Power comes from your inner strength, inner strength does not come from power. We have this understanding backward. Power without inner strength is an illusion, inner strength without internal unity is a lie. If we ever think that inner strength comes from individuality and from separateness, we are very far from the truth. Separation from yourself and from each other is the root cause of all of our dysfunction and inner conflicts.

Separation pretends to act as your strength and our politics, our economics, and even our religions have perpetuated the lie.

This lie is the genesis of all wars and all class struggles that lead to war, of all animosity between races and genders and all the internal struggles that happen with each of us. The truth is, there is no separation, not from each other and not from life. This will heal our world and is our solution. We need to understand that it is about power with, not power over.

When we do this individually, we can heal our self and when we do this collectively, we will heal the world we live in. End this separation, this will set us free. Free yourself from the perception shell that blocks out the total reality. This is Ancient Wisdom.

Author's Bio: 

Neil David Chan is a spiritual writer, specializing in Body, Mind and Soul aspects. He firmly believes that we are all three aspect beings, a Truine. Working from all three aspects gives us inner unity and outer peace. Separating from our three aspects is our dysfunctionality. We are unhinged when we separate from our three aspects.