The reason that I got into energy work in 1989 was due to my daughter who was six years old at the time having eye surgery a year and a half earlier. After the surgery, her eye sight in her left eye was 20/400. The doctor said we will patch her good eye to make the left eye’s muscles strengthen to improve her eye sight. She also said that we should see her eye sight improve quickly. Well a year and half later and her sight was not improving and the doctor was concerned.

I was talking about her situation at work and a couple of energy healers came up to me and asked if they could work on her. They were looking for bodies to use their Reiki and Chakra Balancing skills on and said it would not hurt. I said yes and they began working on her from a distance and her eyesight improved significantly. Within a few months her eyesight improved by 100 points. As the number kept coming down, the doctor said that my daughter’s eyesight would never be better than 20/100. Three years later her eye sight was 20/50, almost perfect.

This experience is what got me into energy work and in 1993 I took my first Reiki class, progressing to master within three years, and adding Karuna Reiki next. I have worked on several clients with eye issues and found that Reiki works very well as long as the client still has some sight left to work with.

My first client with eye related issues in 1998 had been to three doctors to get opinions. She was diagnosed with Macular Degeneration by all three. Her husband is a doctor and wanted her to go to Wilmer Eye Clinic at Johns Hopkins Hospital for a fourth opinion in eight weeks. She already had lost some vision and could no longer read text on her computer. I had eight weeks to make a difference. She came for a session once a week.

Eight weeks later at her appointment at Wilmer Eye Clinic she was told that she did not have Macular Degeneration. It was completely healed. I asked her if she could tell during the process she was healing and she said at the fourth week, see began being able to read text and her situation continued to heal to completely and has stayed completely healed to this day.

My husband had Lasik eye procedure on both eyes in 2001. We did Reiki on his eyes before, during, and after the procedure several times a day. He had to go back to the doctors two days after the procedure. When the doctor looked at his eyes he commented that my husband’s eyes looked as if they were 14 days post-surgery. He was very impressed at the rate in which my husband’s eyes were healing.
Another client that I used Reiki on had Macular Degeneration and was already diagnosed as legally blind when he contacted me. He said that his goal was to get this driver’s license back. I began working with him from a distance. He began to notice improvement right away. Within three months he was driving again. His family was not crazy about this, but he sure was!

Recently I began working with a man who had a procedure done on his eyes to prevent Macular Degeneration from getting any worse. It works for some people. For him the procedure was good for a short time and then his pressure started increasing again. He came to me for Reiki after they put him on medicine that was supposed to lower the pressure, but was not doing a good job. I worked with him from a distance for six months. At the third month, he had an eye doctor appointment, not only was his eye pressure lowering, his eye sight had improved enough for him to need new glasses. At the six month point his pressure is now where everyone wants it and he is no longer concerned about going blind.

A few months ago I had an eye doctor appointment and found that the pressure in my eyes were high. They wanted me to come back for further testing in six weeks. I did self-Reiki on my eyes every day for six weeks. I was able to lower the pressure in both eyes by six points. My pressure is still high, but the test showed that it is not due to any debilitating condition. I naturally have high pressure, and I continue to work on bringing those numbers down.

Want to see more clearly and have improved eye pressure? Consider adding Reiki into your wellness team. Reiki will remove the energy blocks to eye health and bath your eyes in wonderful healing light.

Author's Bio: 

Dawn Fleming, Energy Expert, Usui and Karuna Reiki Master, Medical Intuitive and Marconics Practitioner. She has been working in the field of energy medicine since 1989. Dawn has clients world-wide. She is the author of many books on Reiki.