After getting to the point where they can no longer carry on living in the same way, one can end up looking for answers. Perhaps something significant has recently taken place, pushing them over the point of no return in the process.

Or maybe, what has been going on hasn’t really changed; it’s just that it has caused them to take a step back. Either way, they will now be in a position where enough is enough and they will want their life to change.

A Big Effect

This may show that their relationships are not very fulfilling or that their career is not going as they want it to go. What is taking place in one area of their life could be having an impact on every area of their life.

It is then not going to be possible for them to compartmentalise this part of their life and to fully focus on other things. As a result, other areas of their life will have slowly deteriorated, making their life even worse.

All Areas

On the other hand, just about every area of their life could be causing them problems. One is then not going to need one area of their life to affect another area in order for it to bring this area of their life down.

If they were to look back on how long their life has been this way for, they may find that it has been this way for many, many years. To experience life in this way for just one more day could be seen as being far too long.

An Urgent Need

Considering what is going on for them, it could be said that it is not going to be a surprise that they have a strong need for their life to change. The first thing that they could do is to look online for answers.

Due to how much they want to change their life, they could end up trying the first thing that promises to help them. If they do this, they could still find that it takes a little while for their life to change.

Held Back

What they will need to keep in mind is that while it is a good thing that they want to change their life, having this need can also make it harder for them to move forward. The reason for this is that they will be coming from a place of resistance and this resistance can hold them back.

This comes down to the fact that what is resisted is what will persist and grow. So, through having the need to change and to move forward, one can inadvertently feed into the very reality that they want to let go off.

Two Levels

If they were to hear this, their mind could end up dismissing what has been said; seeing it as irrational. As far as this part of them is concerned, doing something about what is going on will be the only option.

However, as one is not merely an observer of their reality and where they are at both mentally and emotionally is also playing a part in how they experience life, what they do is just one part of the equation. In other words, if one is doing all the right things but they are experiencing a lot of resistance, they will be working against themselves.

For Example

Another way for one to understand this is to do their best not to think about a red car. By doing this, they will see that even though they don’t want to think of something, they are still thinking about it.

What this illustrates is that their mind doesn’t understand negation and neither does the universe. Therefore, if one is putting a lot of their attention towards what they won’t want, it won’t matter that they want to change their life, as they will still be feeding into their current reality.

A Different Approach

The key will be for them to do what they can to accept where they are, not to resist what is currently taking place. This will stop them from feeding into this reality and allow them to use this energy to create more of what they do want.

Undoubtedly, this is easier said than done; if this was easy, there would be no need for them to change their life to begin with. They would simply accept what is going and do what they could to create a life that is in alignment with who they are.

One Option

This is one of the reasons why meditation is beneficial, as when one is meditating, they will be able to detach from what is going on and to remove any resistance that they may have. Through bringing this way of being into their day-to-day life, they won’t feed as much energy into what they don’t want.

Another part of this will be for one to trust that what they are going through will soon pass and that the answers they are looking for will appear at the right time. Taking their foot of the gas in this way will allow them to embrace their feminine aspect and to work with the universe, as opposed to trying to do everything by force, through their masculine ego-mind.


The irony here is that although their ego-mind will be resisting what is taking place, this part of them will also be comfortable with what is currently taking place. To this part of them, what is familiar is what is safe.

This is one of the ways that one can be deceived by their ego-mind and end up maintaining the prison that they have created in the process.

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