You can heal yourself naturally, if you so choose to and are willing to trust what to do! On November 3, 2012, I tripped over a mop handle at the Nashville Farmer’s Market while vending there. As I landed on my right side, I felt the hard, cold concrete, and pain in my big toe. After screaming for help, a customer picked me up then my big toe really started to ache. I didn’t sense too much pain in my left leg at the time, but the security officers still called emergency assistance and transportation to get me to the hospital. Off I went, by choice to the emergency room to be diagnosed and treated. At that time I thanked God for the ability to go to the hospital even though I didn’t have any insurance.
I knew over the past years, I’d been able to heal myself from other discomforts and diseases within my body. One thing I do know that all disease starts and remains within one’s on mind. This is true even for accidents, illnesses and mishaps that occur within our lives and situations. What we believe in the mind, body and spirit is held within our souls for the good and not so good. During my ER visit I received the diagnosis of a meniscus tear and strained knee tendons, with swelling on the knee (knee infusion). I was given 2 pain prescriptions to be filled. As a professional massage therapist, the people I work on usually get strong medications, corticosteroids and injections, and often even have surgeries and receive orders for physical therapy for the issues of tendons. It’s my choice to heal them naturally. Years before my recent injury, I had been diagnosed with “soft tissue damage” and Fibromyalgia. So now here it is again, except this time my body has arthritis too.
As a massage therapist, it’s understood that most illness occur and stay within the cell’s memory and body when negative emotional tension, physical, psychological, social and mental stress happens. So I had to examine my own healing and life while lying in the hospital emergency room. My thoughts were in what areas could I do away with unwanted tension, illnesses and stress in my life, world and affairs. While waiting in the hospital I made an acupuncture appointment for the next day to assist with relieving the fluid that had developed around my knee, as well as the pain and swelling. The doctor in the emergency room wanted me to call an orthopedic doctor on that following Monday who especially works on the musculoskeletal system. As I stated before I didn’t have health insurance so I was already being treated at the acupuncture clinic for various health issues. I was also taking herbal, mineral and vitamin formulas for stress, joint pain and the soft tissue damage from a car wreck over 17 years ago. The first accident left me with a bulged disc of the lumbar spine (L4 vertebra) and soft tissue injury (STI) in my body. Soft tissue injury involves muscle, ligaments and tendons. The STI causes sprain, strain, bruising, a loss of motion, and pain and swelling.
After I left the ER, I didn’t get the pain prescription filled. I started using mind over matter to overcome the health challenges. When I got home I knew I would continue to take my own herbal plant remedies and supplements. My choice was to heal my knee injury naturally with herbs and other things! My thoughts were never that I could not heal. I knew and trusted that I could heal myself with the help and wisdom of the Infinite Spirit. One thing I knew for sure is that it costs more to heal naturally, which had been my own experience, but healing naturally has little or no major side effects like chemical drugs often do. In my kitchen cabinet I had Devils Claw (muscle-related and inflammation), the strong herb Comfrey (rebuilds cells, bones and tissues), Horsetail and Plantain both (rebuilds bones and tissue) and the dainty Calendula (wound healing). I also added Willow Bark for (pain and inflammation), Glucosamine (helps pain in soft tissue and cartilage), Methyl Sulfonyl Methane (MSM), (connective tissue and cell structures), Yucca (non-steroidal) Mustard and Castor oil paste (drawing of poisons and inflammation), Turmeric and Ginger (decreases pain and inflammation).
I googled the diagnosis that the doctor gave me to see what therapies to have as well as what natural supplements to take in order to heal myself naturally. I googled the information only to find that the herbs and vitamins were already stocked in my kitchen cabinets. I only needed to add a few more. So I have chosen not to go the traditional route of seeing the orthopedic doctor that the emergency doctors recommended. Healing a damaged tendon is one of the most challenging things I have ever experienced. The fibrous strains of the tendons have been separated from the entire tendons. The knee effusion I have causes pain and swelling. On the second day following the injury I went for an ionic foot bath to assist my body and knee inner healing. Each and every 30 minute ionic foot bath left knee reduced in swelling and cleansed the toxins as it all came out in the water. It is now 3 months later and though I still experience symptoms, I am well on my way to complete recovery. I have had 9 Ionic foot baths. I have had no corticosteroid shots. Remember I was already taking Devils Claw and Yucca which both have steroid properties. Stay tuned for more great updates as I continue nurturing and nourishing my body to complete health.

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Carol is an author of 7 books her lastest What' scooking in Your Soul? She makes and sell natural skin-care products. She belives that herbs were created by God and therefore, are a huge blessing.