Sense of emotions in relationship takes you to cloud nine and give you harsh attacks when over. Healing your pain after breakup will take months and years. It is not easy to forget all your memories shared together. Even a small piece of paper, collections, smile, and laugh anything can bring your partner back in your head. But when it's all over, there is no point to stick to it. This will simply bring pain and tears and nothing else.

We already know what we wish it was: that you were back together. However, the reality is that you are here and they are there, and the other person no longer feels that you and they are a good match and it's not the end of the world just because this one individual feels this way, and you cannot control them, their thoughts, or their feelings.

Think about all the pain they've caused you and the fact that you don't want to experience that pain anymore. Your life as a whole has not ended because one person doesn't feel that you fit into their life. It's their decision, not almighty.

Avoid such mistakes:

Not taking care of Health

After a sudden breakup, it is very difficult for an individual to maintain their healthy diet. Even after a breakup, you will be left with soft corner for other person. You will not dream to kill him or her. Just for their wish and be your own friend, it is very necessary to take healthy diet. Try to avoid alcohol in such situations as it will kill you mentally and emotionally.

Negative Thoughts

No doubt Loneliness, anger, fear, shame, uncertainty, sadness, despair and jealousy will become the part of life. Surely breakup will lead you to miserable situations but you really need to keep a strong tab on your emotions and eat them up. Otherwise this will cause your overall health. This is going to be very tough though, but to heal your pain in quick succession you have to become stronger.

Contacts with your partner

The most common mistake from which relationship suffers a lot, keeping a bit of contact with your partner. It is really hard to believe that you are apart but this has to be incepted. One has to become more independent and treat himself as single. Many individuals may try to commit each other, let's be friends again. It's like taking your tears back in your eyes, which is almost impossible. Back stab yourself, think and take a break from relationship.

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