The conscious awareness that we are ill and lack health, happiness and energy does not necessarily mean that we are ready, willing and able, at an unconscious level, to ask for and receive the health, energy and life changes that our Healing would bring about. Many individuals more safely manipulate, through their lack of energy and illness, the love, attention and support they desire and, in addition, protect themselves from any responsibility, failure and the expectation of others. Without these “Fail Safe” factors built into their lives, these individuals might become overwhelmed with the added responsibilities, opportunities, decisions and demands of a broader world, free from the “prison-womb” of their various handicaps.

Because of the unconscious fear of these changes, we often resist, quite stubbornly, letting go, asking for, opening to, accessing and receiving the healing, wellness and power that we hold within us. Suffering, therefore, becomes an important and necessary motivating factor to force us through this barrier. Finally, through enough pain, in desperation, we are forced to “Let Go” our unconscious resistance and “Ask For Help,” from the deepest level of our being. The stronger our fear of change, the stronger and longer will be the pain and suffering necessary to bring us to this point of readiness.

Healing depends on our readiness and ability to let go and dissolve the defenses within our mental, physical and emotional bodies that cloud and stop us from accessing the Healing Energy Within. These defenses include thinking, worrying, planning, controlling, muscle tension, body weight, anger, sadness and depression to name a few. The process of clearing these defenses is often a slow one, allowing our energy pathways the necessary time to adjust to the higher levels of Healing Energy that begin flowing through us. Without this slow process of adjustment, we would not be able to handle these higher vibrations and, from the resulting fear, become more ill. Our healing, therefore, becomes a slow and delicate process controlled by an “Inner Knowing” that cannot and should not be rushed. When we are ready to ask, the perfect teacher will appear to guide us through the release of these various ego defenses.

One effective exercise to help speed our readiness for healing is to make two lists. On one list, write down all the advantages you can think of for remaining ill, tired, sad or depressed, etc., whatever the symptoms of your health issue might be. You will be surprised to find out just how many rewards and advantages there are in our society for remaining ill, everything from attention and disability allowances to escaping from change and responsibility. On the second list, write down all the fears you have for becoming well. For example: “If I were perfectly well and had all sorts of energy, I am fearful that… people might ask me to help them out and I might fail, and disappoint them.” With both these lists, push yourself to write down as many points as you can think of. This exercise will help you to become aware of what rewards and fear-factors lie beneath the unconscious resistance that is slowing your healing process. This new awareness and acceptance will begin the process of change you require for the readiness to ask for, open to and access the Healing Energy Within.

Author's Bio: 

David Ott, M.Ed., Director
Peak Recovery Program, Victoria,B.C.

Trained at the Gestalt Institute of Toronto
Student and Teacher of “A Course In Miracles”

Former guest workshop facilitator at
“The Orchard Recovery Centre” on Bowen Island.

Former Employee Assistance Program Director
for Panorama Ski Resort, Invermere, B.C.

Former Life Skills Coordinator
for the Canadian Military, Baden, Germany