I’ve recently facilitated the healing of several children, ages 10-14. Their souls have chosen to assist Earth’s ascension. They have loving hearts, and a desire to fulfill their purpose. Unfortunately, they also all swing into bi-polar expressions, have suicidal thoughts, hold strong self-hatred, and are intensely sensitive to negativity. They are being blocked from remembering the truth of who they are.

Indigo/Starseed children have long been targeted by the negative alien agenda to ensure they do not awaken: GMO foods, electronics/electro-magnetic pollution, chemtrails, vaccinations, sexualization, false parent patterns, the transgender agenda, etc. However, the methods have been slowly and malevolently intensified as higher consciousness is birthed through new generations with specialized and refined genetics.

The result is disconnection from the heart and soul, and this is painful! Of course it would lead to hopelessness, anger and a core self-perception that they are not valuable if they are unable to serve. They repeatedly express that they want to die. This is not natural!

These children incarnate with influences from other lives no doubt, but their pain is manipulated and their neurological and digestive systems are targeted for control. Helping them to survive during their formative and vulnerable years, before age 10, is the job of those who have come before them – parents, family and friends. Their lifeline is our willingness to heal and educate ourselves so that we may share and model what it means to know ourselves as energy beings:
What is my lightbody and how do I care for it?
How do I energetically protect myself?
How do I live from my heart in an insane world?

Their souls will reconnect if they are nurtured through respect, listening, and our understanding of their consciousness and needs. Energy clearing and lightbody upgrades can be vital for them! Their love and their potential is immense. They are our Divine future. We can help them remember so we all thrive!

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Author's Bio: 

Amâeil (Melinda Urban RIHR) discovered her innate gift of discerning consciousness patterns through her own challenging spiritual awakening, and counseling individuals since 2000 as an intuitive energy psychotherapist and 12-dimensional holographic healing facilitator. She's a master at unravelling any confusion in your concerns, even the really stubborn patterns that have stopped you from living with authentic power and loving yourself, perhaps across multiple lifetimes. She gets right to the core of your issue with gentle, compassionate higher guidance. When she's not helping individuals, couples, children or animals, she continues to dedicate herself to humanity's liberation through the sacred, balanced embodiment of the Divine feminine and masculine within. Her website www.AwakeningtheTruthWithin.com offers over 100 educational and inspiring articles, free tools, and healing chants, so that we can all wake up one day to be in awe of the peace everywhere!