Spontaneous remission, also known as spontaneous healing and spontaneous regression is a phenomenon that occurs when a disease unexpectedly improves or disappears altogether.

This occurrence usually leaves doctors at a loss, unable to explain why for example, a cancerous tumour regresses and disappears or why an under- or over active thyroid resumes to normal functioning seemingly on its own.

Medically there is no explanation for spontaneous remission. At best, medics hypothesise that hormones were a likely influence or, the immune system was key in aiding the remission. But, as for a conclusive medical explanation for the occurrence of spontaneous remission, there is none.

However, practitioners of NLP and hypnotherapy will tell you that there is a key link between the mind and body and how the power of the mind can be harnessed to heal disease. Indeed, many recipients of these therapies have taken a firm step on the road to healing after suffering from life-threatening illness. Seeds of healing can be planted in the body of the sufferer through the unique combination of NLP and hypnotherapeutic techniques.

These therapies work by re-educating and reprogramming the mind at a deep level, aiding the subconscious to process thoughts, release negative emotions, and change beliefs that have a negative impact on health. Powerful NLP and hypnotherapy can plant the seeds of spontaneous remission while helping to soothe the patient, encouraging optimism to enjoy life, to feel calmer, remove the fear, worry and exhaustion that living with a life-threatening disease causes.

NLP and hypnosis helps patients to live in the questions: What if a miracle were to happen and remission occurred? What would that look, sound and feel like? How would you feel?

The intention is to offer hope and relief from stress and take away the burden illness can cause. Through powerful suggestion, NLP and hypnotherapy fill the patient with vitality and possibilities for enjoying life to the full.

All of this combined helps to heal and, while all practitioners strongly state NLP and hypnotherapy should be used in conjunction with, not instead of, conventional treatment, there are some who have found they no longer need medication to control their condition. In some cases, some swear the NLP and hypnotherapeutic treatment has saved their lives.

One story involves a gentleman who was taken to hospital to undergo surgery. Unfortunately he was suffering from cancer that had spread throughout his body. The surgeons had done everything they could for him and he was sent home. What he didn't know was that he'd been given around six weeks to live, something that was shared with other relatives but not himself. They treated him as normal and didn't share this grave prognosis.

But, to everyone's astonishment and delight, he kept on going and seven years later he was still alive! The medics had called him back into the hospital for a check up five months after his operation, surprised and happy he was still alive. An examination revealed his body had shrunk the cancer.

He had believed he'd been healed. After his operation, the doctors had said they'd done all they could to help and that was good enough for him. By his understanding, this meant they'd fixed him!

The NLP and hypnotherapeutic methods of healing hold that our mind and bodies know how to heal themselves, but we can get in the way of our own healing by listening to self limiting beliefs.

While the therapies of NLP and hypnosis don't promise to heal, they can help to relieve the stress having a serious illness can bring and give the possibility of spontaneous remission.

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