By Barbara J Stepp, Master Trainer NLP™, DHE®, Clinical Hypnotherapist

NLP™ is simply a resource to add to our toolbox of skills and knowledge.
I offer this to compliment medical treatment.

Dr. Richard Bandler, genius and father of NLP, has said that NLP and Hypnosis work together and he didn’t see how anyone could teach or use NLP without Hypnosis. So, in these writings, I will be referring to both and how to use them to have more vibrant health and also in healing. As you read it you may find this text uncomplicated and very simple, with useful suggestions, and it is. My favorite acronym, KISS.......Keep it Simple, Sweetie says it all.

NLP is about how the brain works and how language operates on the brain.
Our brain inputs information processes and outputs it through the five senses: the major three being Visual, what we see or imagine; Auditory, what we say or hear, and Kinesthetic, what we feel; visceral and tactile Our language and imagination creates our states and reality.

Here is a useful exercise I created for myself using a combination of NLP, Hypnosis, energy healing and meditation that helped me not only heal but also manage my energy and realize hopes, dreams, desires:

Find a comfy chair. Close your eyes and imagine a grounding cord coming from the base of your spine and down into the earth. So you begin to feel calm, balanced, grounded.

Now imagine that you can sense the energy in your body and mind because you can. Begin to send any unwanted, unproductive energy down the grounding cord into the earth’s energy where it neutralizes. Remember that your Unconscious mind will do what you ask. Feel golden healing light entering your body into your crown and filling your body. Any area that needs extra attention will receive it. Then change the gold into blue.

While you are relaxing, visualize exactly what you desire. Make it a clear, focused bright image and any adjustments you want. Experiment with color, movement, location; make it bigger, etc. Add movement and add surround sound. Make it compelling so that you feel WOW! Now you have your image of your desire that you can see and step into whenever you want. You can access the grounding cord and your own fabulous imagination in a valuable way. You can continue to embellish upon your own goals.

Tom, a Menominee Medicine man and student in my NLP Practitioner Course that he could only sit in one location in the room, or he would see two or more of me. Realizing that one of me is more than enough, I said.” as long as you’re comfortable.” He later mentioned that he saw double, had dizzy spells, headaches and had struggled to read since the 60’s. The letters jumped around. He had suffered a severe head injury in Viet Nam.

I demonstrated hypnosis and the NLP Eye Enhancement with Tom. Right there in front of an amazed class and trainer, the dizziness disappeared as did the double vision. That evening, he read 30 pages in a book for the first time since his injury. That double vision, headaches and dizzy spells gone. He believed it was miraculous and it was. Tom did the healing and I was simply a tour guide.

While I am not claiming NLP and Hypnosis will heal you, there are many documented cases of people using them to get/stay well and many examples of spontaneous remission. Mine was simply an ordinary one. Many years ago, I was diagnosed with a “terminal illness.” (Note to self; always get more than one opinion, resisting suggestions of hopelessness from anyone in a white coat.) Dr. Bandler did an NLP age regression, took me back in time to a past pleasant memory and I came forward without the illness. This was the beginning.

Using my language purposefully, imagining healthy organs, meditating, energy healing, self-hypnosis and valuable nutritional patterns, I had a remission. I am hopeful, tenacious and determined, (okay, stubborn) and according to Dr. Richard Bandler, to get well and stay well these qualities are needed. I believe it is about the power of our mind.

At 77, I continue to teach, train and coach in corporate, as well as private sectors. Over the years, I have been called by my peers and friends, “Fairy Godmother of NLP, who teaches with a heart.” Friend and Master Trainer, Kate Benson named me “Wonder Woman”, John La Valle, Society of NLP™ President, calls me “Feisty Lady” and “Tough Old Broad” And NLP Granny. Ah, humor is so healthy.

Respectfully, Submitted,
Barbara J. Stepp

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