Spa Treatment Talk: Lexicon of Healing

have you never had a spa treatment? well, you are in for some big treats. But you also might not be familiar with some of the terminology that refers to the treatments themselves. health life cares

Scrub, or exfoliating scrub:

In order for the skin to efficiently breathe, release toxins, and take in nutrients, we need to clear away a layer of dead skin – a process called exfoliation. there are acidic ingredients, like alpha-hydroxies, which help to soften the dead skin. But it is scrubs that are used to lift that layer and pull it away. Ingredients will vary in courseness – from softer carrot and coconut shreds to rougher coffee grinds and sea salts – depending upon how much scrubbing needs to be done.


A cleanser can be many different things – It can be a bar soap, a cream soap, or an alcohol-based astringent. When cleansing the face, many women find that detergent-based soap can be too harsh for the skin. If you prefer to use soap, try to find one that has vegetable oil or glycerine as its base, and that is nondrying and nonabrasive. As for astringent-type cleansers, there are many products available in day spas, health cares food stores, beauty shops, and better drugstores that will cleanse and exfoliate your skin while refreshing it. When a recipe calls for a cleanser, use what you like, but remember that pure and natural will be best. health life


A masque is similar to what its name implies. But it doesn’t necessarily just cover your face, like a mask. It can be used to cover all your skin. A masque tends to be pasty or creamy mixture that is left to sit on the skin, so as to nourish and soften it.


Usually, there is an element of detoxication involved in wraps. A detoxifying mixture, made with ingredients that draw impurities from the skin, is applied to the body, which is then wrapped up in seaweed or towels and left to sweat for a while. But the body may also be wrapped when it is covered with a nourishing masque, to ensure absorption.


You think you’ve taken a bath – but wait until you’ve tried some of the recipes we will share in the blog posts to follow. They feel like a completely different experience, as you soak in water delightfully treated to nourish your mind, body, and spirit and encourage toxin elimination.


Facials are designed to deeply cleanse, rejuvenate, and nourish the face – and sometimes they call for several processes to achieve these things, one at a time. Cleansers, scrubs, and masques are all used.


Some people get intimidated by the idea of meditation because they think they will have to do something difficult or esoteric with their minds. Yes, in certain traditions meditation can have different meaning. But from the simplest approach, meditation is simply letting your mind relax, and making space for your spirit. While prayer is talking to God, meditation is listening to God, to the divine within you. It’s being in an active state of listening – to your breath, your heartbeat, and your inner being. The inner peace you achieve while meditating promotes wellness of the mind and body, which promotes beauty.

Fitness Tip: Singing In The Pain

Here’s our monthly fitness cares and exercise tip – enjoy!

Easy but expensive:

One of the easiest ways to keep fit and work out, if you can afford it, is to walk at home on a treadmill that faces you TV or CD. Put on a tape with your favorite movie musical and run during musical numbers and walk during dialogue, even if it is for 20 minutes at a time.
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