Health and Fitness Dreams come true? By Abdul Haye Amin.

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Most people's dream in their life they wish they could change life beyond Imagination, by mean of exercises! Bilingual's Author Abdul Haye Amin says those who really wish to change their lifestyle physically will help own health achieves their fitness and well-being health on fields of personal goals in by doing exercises.

The Biblical Environmental public Health Officer “He-Sa-Ru-Hu-Lul-La-He” also encourage in exercises dairy five Times a Days. it U.K. Duty Tax and 17.5% V.A.T. free long as you don't tell the Government other wise, as European country, France Government those who wear the Islamic Muslims Burqha administration will force member of public to pay £25.000.00. In fines for adopting Lord Jesus Christ Father Law.

You must keep top-secret from Government in any States. This kind of Exercises is not fortunate for every one in life to practice other than to pay thousand of pounds for the cost of exercises in local Sport Leisure Center. Which is unfortunately, our Biblical Environmental Public's Health Officer, Jesus Christ Dose not recognized under any circumstances?

Many peoples changed their life by adopting the old fashion 'Culture of Church' instead of Digital Internet medication journey to health and fitness center. You could start and encourage other to follows you can save thousands of pounds from the Sport Leisure Center Fee.

You can make your own sport center at own home. You just need encouragement of support, passion of hope, and Inspiration of love in the name of Lord to start, unfortunately, not for those who are members of 'LGBT' of any kinds. But within strictly those who are belong to as mentioned members of appointed Lord Representatives, Holy saints, and or families of believers.

The Book of 'Encyclopedia of Britannica' –“The Hundred” also found out of hundred Religion in the world, to follow the 'Health and Fitness' in 'Bangla' known as 'Namaj' in English 'Worship' in Medical Sciences called, 'Ritual' in Arabic 'Salat' the Religion Islam was discovered one and only the Religion out of Hundred in the nation as mentioned.

“Of all the religious personalities Muhammad (Saw), were the most successful”—(The Hundred: (The Lord Jesus Christ best Friend and or Councilor).

The British “Seroxat” medicines company also proudly stated in small prints which most readers require Sun glasses to read the medicines Information Instructions. Most patients and the readers ignored the small prints as most U.K. British Bank, Credit Card, and Loan Company before April fool, fool us all with high rate of Interests charged. Most of us we don't have times to read small prints that is second nature of our disability, no one to blame for but to pay the bank charge.

The only sign most discovered in the catering Restaurants in the Kitchen staff by Law have to wear 'HAT' other wise, almost five thousands pounds fine by Environmental Public Health Officers those who ignore the catering Law. And second place you will discover in the 'Mosque' the Islamic Muslim Churches with 'HAT' on that is compulsory, at the time of praying in the praying mat 'Jay Na Maj.' Five times a days.

Unfortunately, there is no Environmental Public Health Officers in the mosque to check as catering restaurant. The Government should think of paying visit to those who never use 'Hat' in the 'Mosque' to fine and or Ban as France Government as mean of extra income to entertain sexual sinful desire of pleasure in secret of his or her lovers.

Doesn't matter if it place of 'Muslims Worship' in catering industries every one is arrested by those who ignore the Catering Law without hat on. The race, Nationalities, Culture, nor Religion recognized by Environmental public Health Officers, (Sub-Han-Allah) in the U.K.

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Which is mentioned in Bangla song's 'Nistur Bandhu' “Monar Aynai Jay Na Ma Ja?” the Bangla songs was indeed hit in the heart of ordinary peoples in Bangladesh.

Millions of peoples around the worlds in same lines in same directions exercises dairy five Times a Days. Ask your self why will you not? Are you not human Being? Is your name written without known seeds or inks in the forest or inside the natural fruits? Then who am I living creature on earth? Where millions of peoples says 'Allahu Akbar' why will I not?

I mean why will I not?
... Why should I pay to Exercise in the sport center when it free to over come the symptoms from illness of any kinds and since age of seven given rights to practice in worship? The child body in the 'EARS' discovered the name of 'GOD' written “Allah” and inside the body of human being 'Lung' the Arabic Declaration of Faith;


Which mean in English 'There is no 'God' but 'Allah' and Mohammad is God Messenger?'

Another word in medical Science is the 'Name' for treatments of any kinds of symptoms the patients must be sincere to their own Lord should they intend to practice in love?

The Islands Historia De Amor, the English Book of Poems. Played apart of in the name of Foreign passion of love, humanities, in Culture and is collection of Religion poems. Deigned the image of Cultural Identities to give none-Believers basic Idea, confidence, encouragements, and motivation, Inspiration of not his or her love those who has forgotten our Lord.

To those who wish to anticipate their own well-being programme at home. You are free to take not mine his or her advice but your Lord Jesus Christ after all?

Another name in language Arabic “Allahu Akbar” Let start the Exercises at home fives Times a Day, instead of running in the morning in the street or near the part doing exercises that was no value in the name of Churches? Regardless of medical explanation what doctors ever says to you at the most critical time in life suffering in unknown illness. When doctors find no medical explanation that when they says 'Cancers?' which mean no medicines on earth. But doctors they never turn the mini-skirt which says 'Ritual' to be carried out.

In religion Islam your ten minutes in exercise of ritual equivalent to 2 million Army in reality, fighting against the country, in Biblical language worship alone! Or fighting with army or unknown critical symptoms, for example, Breast cancers, Lung cancers, Connery Heart Diseases, Dementia, eyes diseases, prostate cancers, mental health illness etc against?

And Lord “Ga-Fu-Rur-Ra-Him” another name of 'GOD' gives credits of Interest into your personal health saving accounts as many UK Banks give those who save in fix deposits hiding from Tax authority.

Most rich peoples invest in the British Channel Island of Jersey or Guernsey Bank. Which is Tax free Islands of Investment? Second to none day light 'BANDIT' stolen rich people's hearts to invest in the Islands instead of in the name of Churches. The official bandit the Island Bank Management should be prosecuted in the eyes of the Justice.

Medically called 'Visual Hallucination' in Holy Bible Quran language 'Oddos Ho' In Holy Bible, Worship. In lovers language says “Love at first sight” in political language known as 'Wriggle' or 'blink of eyes' the sign represent 'I L.O.V.E. U?'

However; Warning: those who careless in sign's language communication as my self in the eyes of the Justice 'Wriggle' or Blink of eyes' inside the Government Building for examples No: 10 Downing Street, London, authorized official's will regards or represent it an crime against humanity, make sure where you use the 'Sign' language observe as, Red, Yellow, and Green the traffic light please!

Otherwise, you will be arrested for sign language to pay for. Therefore, Lord Jesus Christ will not accept liability nor Responsibility for the sign Virtue of trust abused by inside the 'LGBT' Government Building, even Lord Fear of entering in case 'Ape and Monkey' bites as Mosquitoes! The worse inserts after breast cancers there in no medicines for the symptom may cause 'Malaria'. To prevent us doing any exercises in our entire life!

Please take medical professional advice before any one intend to enter Government Building where 'LGBT' administer there is most dangerous Mosquitoes employed by government administrations with shortest mini-skirt always after human Being to ruin members of public precious life remembers there packet of wages paid by members of public's they intent public's to commit offense or crime in the eyes of Justice by showing the shortest mini-skirt and eye-catching beautiful eyes and legs in public places only those who are suffer symptoms of 'Agoraphobia' may be not seen in public due to medical reasons.

And God is doing every thing he can to attempt every one to face symptoms of 'Agoraphobia' until the British Secretary of States social Security Minister declare bankrupt especially those who were shortest mini-skirt in public places invitation to crime, offenses, Rapes, Murders, drug's, alcohol, etc? As Tower Hamlet Police officer found guilty of misconduct, who had formed relationship with a vulnerable under the age 14-years old girl.

When public should have faith in police authority they are the one take advantage of as often found in Salisbury 'Madeira' cakes uniform official thinks it free to buy instead of pay. The Judge said disgraceful abuse of position in police forces! Which planet age of digital internet we are living we as a society lost our faith way from police Station to back home!

In Devon, Barnstaple's, United Kingdom, Police Authority proudly stated the 'Exercises' the 'Worship/Ritual/Namaj/ is the only answer to the recent problems in our society we face daily. Unfortunately, Multicultural, Tower Hamlet Council does not agree without free N.H.S. packet of condoms. Those who keep packets of condoms authority says the sign of respectable citizen's in the name of politic and 'LGBT' law.

The Local council employed multicultural race by the authority of the States to weak our community in the name of our Churches and Lord those who oppose the 'LGBT'. The foreign race official taken local jobs and local authority council found opportunity to seal their mouth with packets of foreign condoms made in England with sinful wages not to whisper in the name of our Lord in our community.

As seen in Tower Hamlet, local news paper, headline, news Mayor, Lutfur Rahman, employed uniforms police officials cost public's tax payers more the million of pounds none of the officers ever heard the name of Lord “Bis-Mil-La-Hir-Rak-Ma-Nir-Ra-Him” from Mayor of Tower Hamlet., to start in the name of “Allahu Akbar” his duty To govern or to run the Tower Hamlet his disability in politics should he ever mention the name of Lord his own police officers will arrest him and Council will kicked out of his duty. In the name of sinful wages our foreign individual's taken pride in sinful crime of duty in our community the foreign has no rights to govern within mean in the name of God.

And local peoples don't have chance to became officials in case council officials get kicked out by own nationalities to interferes how to govern or to run the council within mean of almighty Lord. The Tower Hamlet Mayor may be not had broken shoes and or sandals probably left in the 'Sub-Continent' to throw in the face of council official those ho allowed 'LGBT' in our environment without second thought or questions.

The authority of the states aim to destroy our environment they are inviting our Lord 'Free Bath and Shower' as “2004 Tsunami' Disaster in our Country or as most often seen in the U.S.A. Islands. May our Lord bless those who god fearing individual's in the Kingdom of almighty Lord and Exercises Fives Times a Days.

Road to fitness and well-being in health of all by mean of Ingredient Revelation instead of in medical but under the prescribed tablet 'Seroxat' Instructions.

By Foreign Bilingual Author Abdul Haye Amin.

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