You have arrived in the right place if you are trying to find fun, exciting and engaging Health and Hygiene themed activities related to toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergartners. Our activities are commonly employed by teachers, moms, dads, childcare providers and more!

Our activities are available free of cost and are free to share and print. Select below to get started. Health and Hygiene Arts and Crafts - Art - Yellow construction paper tooth, white paint, and toothbrushes. Have kids brush the yellow tooth with the white paint. Frame the finished smiles with red construction paper lips! - Art II - Group collage: magazine images of smiles.

Sensory –

Cut off the bottoms of plastic soft drink bottles and flip them upside down they look such as teeth. Spray them with shaving creme and provide the kid's toothbrushes to brush the tooth clean. Science - Scrounge a few white tiles. Provide children with a wide selection of food items to smear on the tiles such as! Jelly, ketchup, syrup, peanut butter, etc, have children brush the tooth with toothbrushes and real toothpaste.

Which tiles are stained?

Making Toothpaste - Materials - 4 Tsp. Baking soft drink - 1 tsp. Salt - 1 teaspoon flavoring - toothbrush - floss - airtight containers - Mix together, put in containers. Dampen toothbrush and dip in the mixture. Good Food Collage - Create good food to their teeth collage from pictures from magazines. They might even need to hang them on their own fridge to remind them that foods are healthy. Paper Plate Meals - Have the kids look through magazines to find images of different types of foods. Then have them cut out the images and adhesive them on paper plates to make breakfasts, lunches or dinners.

Pizza Collage –

Materials Needed: Round piece of tag board - Adhesive - Red tempera paint. Yellow & white Easter grass or yarn scraps - green, red, and black felt - brown scraps of paper - Procedure: 1. Mix red tempera with glue. Let kids paint tag board with red glue. Tear brown bits of paper and crumple them. Stick them to tag board. Use green felted felt black felt Easter grass or yarn. Health and Hygiene Games and Activities - How To Sneeze - The new recommended way would be to cough or sneeze in the crook of your arm in place of the hand if no Kleenex would be offered.

Group Time\/Math –

Preferred graphics of mint toothpaste, bubble gum or fruit? Dramatic Play - Dentist office - Dental Health - The one thing you may do when doing dental health would be to hard boil an egg ahead of time.

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