Food is something that is inevitable for the sustaining of life. Like air, water and shelter food is also a basic requirement in our day to day life. In his busy life men have forgotten the significance of having healthy food. Men is approaching every aspect of his life with ease and has an attitude “Who cares” towards anything and everything. Technology has advanced a lot in the last decades so do our eating habits. Bread has changed into burger; fresh chicken into KFC and god knows what else. There are health supplements which help to maintain a balanced diet and stay healthy. Have you ever heard of carob?? Or carob extract. It is a food supplement prepared from carob plant and some other ingredients. It is a plant which was first found in western Asia and the eastern part of Mediterranean region. Locust bean gum is the name of the gum obtained from the carob seeds. They also find their application in herbal medicine. The carob plants powdered pods are dried and are then can be used as an ingredient in herbal medicine.

Usually carob finds its use as a thickener and is employed in the manufacture of foods, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and some paints. Because of its advantages carob has gained much popularity is recent years. Some of the advantages of the carob that is the reason for its huge popularity are: they are low fat, low calorie and is a low caffeine alternative to chocolate. It’s also used as the stimulant that we can find in chocolates. Carob is obtained as carob powder and carob chips.

There are some myths about the carob such as, carob contains cocaine and hence it can be used as an alternative. The truth is the carob contains some amounts of theobromine not caffeine. The advantage of carob is that it does not cause heart palpitations if consumed in a small amount.

Dr. Peter D’Adamo had formulated carob Extract which has many benefits. Carob extract can be used to maintain blood sugar levels. The carob extract is originally a mixture of 4 synergistic ingredients and it will help for maintaining healthy intestinal flora and it will inhibit dysbiotic bacterial over growth.

Carob extract can be said as a low calorie nutritious food for everyone. It is estimated that the carob extract contains only 11 calorie per tea spoon. Other ingredients contained in the carob extract are nectar and glycerin.

It’s time that we have to start thinking about our food habits. If you wish for a healthy longer life change your diet. There are many food items that are healthy and tasty at the same time, so dear friend start caring you health, ultimately money is not everything.

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