Almost two years later and many families across the US are still feeling the effects of Covid-19. Out of precautions due to Covid-19 exposure, families are often asked to quarantine. If everyone is feeling healthy, staying indoors can be monotonous. One of the main things families have turned to during a Covid-19 quarantine is nature. Whether your family enjoys boating or RVing, there are many positive benefits to getting outside.
Here are 3 benefits to getting outdoors during a quarantine:
Positive Effects on Mental Health: Being cooped up for days at a time can be stressful, overwhelming, and can lead to anxiety and other mental health issues. Getting outdoors can be therapeutic. The sights and sounds of nature can be soothing while activities like fishing and kayaking can be calming.
Change of Scenery: After so much time in your house, it likely feels like the walls are closing in. Getting outside can help to switch up the scenery. If you are an RV enthusiast, consider exploring new parks and trails. If you are a boater, head to a new beach or other scenic destination.
Quality Time with Family: While you may spend a lot of time indoors with your family,getting outdoors offers new adventures to appreciate. Turn off the TV, put down your phones, and you can truly enjoy each other’s company. The memories will be priceless!
Don’t forget, getting outside will also boost your vitamin D levels and offer some good old-fashioned exercise! Just remember to remain socially distanced from those you encounter on your nature adventure during a Covid-19 quarantine.

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