Part of what makes the digestive system unique, in terms of diseases and disorders, is that it comes into contact with the things from the outside world. We ingest things, we swallow things from the environment, and they come into direct contact with the lining of our intestine. For that reason, many of the diseases have environmental causes—like inflammation from chronic alcohol ingestion—so the gut is right there on the front line of our defence against the environment.

The papaya plant bears a versatile fruit that is eaten both ripe and unripe. Young papaya leaves are eaten like a vegetable in some cuisines, and papaya leaf tea has a variety of purported medicinal effects. The University of Florida research confirmed that papaya leaf contains agents that destroy cancer cells, especially cervical cancer, prostate, liver, lung and Breast Cancer

It should be borne in mind that these studies were carried out on cell cultures or laboratory animals and are still preliminary

It has been shown that papaya leaf enzymes can help to digest gluten and protect against stomach ulcers, experts from the Live strong Health Portal say

Many antioxidant compounds found in papaya leaf can protect the organism from damage and act immunomodulatory and anti-inflammatory

➖Advantages of papaya leaves for diabetics

In Mexican popular medicine, Papaya leaves are used in the treatment of diabetes and other diseases. Recent studies have shown positive results. Papaya leaves reduce blood sugar and cholesterol in rats with diabetes significantly. The leaf extracts increases insulin sensitivity, helps regenerate the islet cells in the pancreas and protects them from damaging free radicals. It also protects the liver, kidneys and improves its function. Papaya leaf juice can be considered a good drink for the treatment and prevention of diabetes

➖How to make papaya leaf juice and how to drink it

It’s very simple. If you have a juicer, put cleaned papaya leaves and make a natural juice without much effort

Place the juice in glass bottles and store it in the refrigerator. You need to drink the juice within 4 to 5 days


Papaya leaves are too bitter and it is best to start consuming 1 tablespoon a day. Consume a maximum of two tablespoon a day. Do not drink water (or any fluid) immediately after the juice. Let the juice do its miracle

Just about 50ml (less than 2 ounces) a day of the juice is enough to help raise the blood count of the platelet count

The enzyme papain in papaya leaf has been known to cause allergic reactions in some people, according to a study published in the journal "Ugeskrift for Laeger." The report documented a breakout of allergic symptoms in 10 out of 22 employees at a research laboratory who were exposed to papain dust. The workers developed symptoms of itchy eyes and runny nose. Improved hygienic conditions and proper ventilation solved the problem.

For health maintenance, consume just one tablespoon of papaya leaf juice a day for your liver health, and benefit from its anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

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