Pull up is a common and widespread exercise which works for the whole body. As this single exercise is beneficial for the whole body, it is loved by many people. This exercise is able to lift your health in many ways. Now, I am going to discuss some health benefits of doing pull ups regularly.

How Pull up Improves Your Health

Performing pull ups everyday helps to improve the condition of both body and mind. Do you want to know the benefits that we get from pull ups? Let me tell you.

1. Pull ups Help to Lose Weight: Yes, pull ups help to lose some weight. It is true that pull ups can’t burn calories as fast as cardio, but it burns some calories surely. Pull ups get your heart pumping and increase metabolism level. As a result, your body burns calories faster than normal time.

If you want to get a quick result, increase the reps and sets, do those faster and reduce the resting time between two sets.

2. Pull ups Help You to Get a Strong Back: Pull ups work great on back muscle. Thus it ensures a strong back. Performing pull ups regularly will keep your back muscles active. Active back muscles can easily come to a strong shape.

Having a strong shape helps you to get a good posture. Besides, properly performing pull ups also helps you to reduce backpain.

3. Pull ups Help to Develop a Happy Mind: Pull up is a kind of exercise that needs full body engagement. As a result, you have to work hard when you are performing pull ups. Any kind of exercise is responsible for the release of endorphins, especially serotonin. As the full body is involved, pull ups help to release more of these chemicals.
Serotonin is a chemical that creates a sense of happiness. So, when serotonin is released, you feel happy. Regular pull ups help you to releases serotonin regularly. Thus, everyday you feel happy.

4. Pull ups Increase Functional Strength: Human body is made of muscles, nerves and bones. Because of different types of works, we need to move our body in different ways. Functional strength helps to perform those movements easily and perfectly.

As pull ups are not limited to the movement of only a few components of our body, it increases the functional strength of each part of the body. As a result, you can move more easily and comfortably.

5. Pull up Increases the Grip Strength: At the time of pull ups, you need to grab the pull up bar and pull your body up using the strength of your arms. Besides increasing the strength of arm, this exercise also makes your grips strong.

Grip strength is important in our daily life. It increases the ability to grab something andcarry heavy things. Besides, pull ups also help to increase the strength of your forearms.

6. It Increases Stamina: Besides increasing strength, pull ups increase stamina too. Each rep of your pull up needs a huge dedication and power. Though it seems to be easy, it is not easy when you do it. As a result, if you do pull ups regularly, your body will slowly improve the ability to do hard work.

Thus your heart becomes stronger than before. As it becomes stronger than before, your stamina also increases.Besides, a strong heart ensures better oxygen flow to each tissue of your body. Thus your skin and internal components remain healthy.

It is Necessary to Go to Gym to Do Pullups?

Many people say that the reason behind not doing pullups regularly is not going to the gym regularly. But pull up is not a ‘gym only’ exercise. You can also do it at your home. To do this, you need a pull up bar installed in your house.

You’ll find a different pull up bars available in the market. Some need to be installed with screws on the wall or ceiling. You’ll also find free standing pull up bars that don’t need the support of a wall or ceiling.

I personally prefer these bars as these have less chance of accidents. These types of bars also allow you to perform some other exercises too. Free standing pull up bars need a large space, but the benefit is also huge.

Final Verdict

If you are health conscious, pull up is the exercise that you need to do everyday. It is an exercise that will help you to work on your full body.You can spend only15 minutes every day doing pull ups. It will increase your strength and stamina. Besides, you’ll be able to improve your postures too.

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Md Rasel is a professional blogger.