Candida is a yeast like micro organism found in most human bodies and though not harmful to most of us this organism can infect up to 20% of the population by causing a variety of different infections.

Generally found in our mouth, throat, genital/urinary tract and intestines, candida is held in check by the other bacteria that abound in our system. If a overgrowth of candida occurs a person will generally end up with some infections like: vaginitis, conjunctivitis, jock itch, muscle/joint pain, kidney and/or bladder infections to name but a few.

Most of these infections can be controlled and managed with traditional medication but for the person who suffers repeated infections this candida diet will assist in lessening them if not stopping them completely. The candida diet is not designed to make you lose weight but more to control and manage the candida micro organism in your system, by using and sticking to this diet the infections you suffered will be a thing of the past.

There are for stages to this diet - detox, reduce, inoculate and improve - being the keys to a healthier infection free life.

The Basics of the Candida Diet

Here you will cleanse your body of the toxic byproducts caused by candida.

Examples of detoxing:
I could write pages of information here but feel that we have all detoxed at least once in our lives and probably have our own personal detox method, for those who have never detoxed before go to the web and surf your favorite search engine for the one that suits you.

Here we reduce and balance out the yeast population in our bodies by using antimicrobial herbs, this helps to keep the candida under control

Examples of antimicrobial herbs:
Golden-seal - contains berberine which exhibits a broad spectrum of antibiotic activity. [not recommended if pregnant]

Echinacea - most widely recommended herb for infections, the direct activity of Echinacea as an antibacterial is quite mild but it helps with the stimulation of the production of some important antiviral proteins produced by our cells like interferon and interleukin.[caution is recommended in patients with HIV]

St John's Wort - a herbal anti-depressant, it is also effective as a anti-viral and anti-bacterial agent and has shown a broad spectrum of antimicrobial activity.

Licorice root - This herb also shows antimicrobial activity and can directly inhibit the growth of several viruses eg: vaccinia, herpes simplex and vesicular stomatitis etc.

There are other herbs around but they have shown limited antimicrobial activity.

Using probiotics [these are a helpful bacteria] you can help balance the candida in your body.

Examples of probiotics:
Lactobacilli - normally present in the mouth, intestinal tract and vagina. this bacteria produces lactic acid and can prevent vaginitis by inhibiting the growth of yeast.

Acidophilus - This term is used to describe a numerous amount of bacteria which help with our digestion. This bacteria has many health benefits and found naturally throughout our bodies, man has learned how to duplicate this bacteria artificially and many of our foods have this as a additive.

Bifidobacteria - a natural bacterial flora found in the human body, they promote good digestion, help boost the immune system, and help produce lactic and acetic acid. This bacteria also inhibits the growth of Candida.

Please remember to visit your local health store for these probiotics.

By improving your diet you will continue keeping the candida at bay, so up your intake of the following:

  • fresh vegetables
  • foods high in protein
  • live yogurt cultures
  • nuts
  • seeds
  • oils
  • and grains such as rice, millet and bran

Avoid the following:

  • alcohol
  • chocolate
  • fruits
  • mushrooms
  • glutinous grains
  • and foods that contain yeast such as breads, baked goods, cheese and muffins.

Remember this is a diet to control candida and not a weight loss program.

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