Chimneys, along with fireplaces, help provide a lot of warmth and comfort during those cold seasons. They serve as the perfect spot to sit around over a Bourbon or an Appletini with close comrades/acquaintance to either chill or gibber-jabber.


But there are lots of downsides to having a chimney too- especially in causing health hazards. 


  1. “Exposure To Creosote” - An Oily Black Substance!


Creosote builds up inside the chimney due to incomplete wood combustion as an oily black substance. And exposure to it can bring about some undesirable health hazards namely:-


Irritation In The Eye: Creosote debris getting into the eyes is never a good sign. It causes a strange burning sensation like some chemical burn. Plus, it makes the eyes oversensitive to light as well.


Buildup Of Rashes & Other Skin Problems: Rashes and other skin irritants can result in physical contact with creosote.


Respiratory Problems: Inhaling creosote for a sustained period can exposure the lungs to many respiratory issues- some even fatal!


Other Related Hazards:-


  • Creosote particles potentially irritate the liver and kidney.
  • It also causes mental issues, such as confusion and seizures.
  • And it also makes your skin more prone to cancer- (though it has never occurred before).


  1. “Inhaling Chimney Soot”-A Contaminant Resulting Due To Incomplete Combustion:-


The chimney soot is contaminant resulting from wood when it doesn’t burn hot enough - less than 284 degrees. Being a black powdery substance, it sticks to the chimney walls along with the black dust- sometimes escaping into the air.


  • Inhaling chimney soot (in large amounts) can either irritate the lungs or even cause lung disease.


  • Along with lung disease, it also leads to many general respiratory


  • “Chimney Swifts”& Their Droppings That Cause “Histoplasmosis”:-


Chimney swifts are small brown-ish blackbirds that take refuge inside the chimney. As much as one loves seeing them wander about, their droppings can cause Histoplasmosis.


It is a respiratory infection caused due to Histoplasma capsulatum- namely a fungus.


Some Of Its General Symptoms Include:-


Chest Ache:- If you’ve been having chest ache for a while, then get it checked out by a doctor. The issue could be due to histplasma capsulatum in the chimney.


Sweats, Chills, Fever:- For many, it may seem to appear common signs of flu, but in truth, it may just result from the chimney due to Histoplasma capsulatum.


Chronic Cough:- Coughing excessively and uncomfortably? It could be a sign of a hazard caused due to droppings in the chimney.


  1. “CO” Poisoning:-


It’s no secret that Carbon Monoxide (CO) is a notoriously gas and comes with many health perils.


  • Even with small intake, CO mirrors flu characteristics such as nausea, confusion, headache, fatigue, more!


  • And if mistakenly inhaled a decent proportion from around the chimney area, it could cause brain damage, heart failure- and even DEATH at times!



“NONE Of Them Are Enjoyable To Cope With!”


So, if the existing chimney is a very old and somewhat crippled one, then the best thing would be to hire chimney removal specialists serving in Morley to remove it completely. Some risks are not worth taking, especially as fatal as these.


Furthermore, after the chosen experts of removing chimneys have removed the old structure; request them to sweep all soot, swift deposits, creosote from sight. As for the CO issue, look to get your home inspected by professionals and also look to install a carbon monoxide detector.


There are many top-rated chimney removal companies in Perth serving the needs of so many homeowners with similar issues. Speak to one of them and schedule an arrangement.

Author's Bio: 

The author is in a team of chimney removal specialists serving in Morley for years. Using all that real-time experience, the author also shares some of that information to the readers seeking top-rated chimney removal companies in Perth.